Tangled: The Musical

WATCH: Disney Cruise Line’s Tangled: The Musical 

Just because you can’t be on board a Disney Cruise Line ship at the moment doesn’t mean you and the whole family can’t enjoy the stellar entertainment. Disney Cruise Line has added the full length performance of Tangled: The Musical to YouTube where fans of the movie and cruise line can watch it in its entirety. 

Adapted from the 2010 animated film about Rapunzel, this tale of empowerment and romance features brand-new songs, dazzling sets and effects, and mystical long blonde locks that would rival the ship’s mooring lines. The Broadway-style production first debuted on board Disney Magic in November of 2015 and has been entertaining guests ever since. The version of the show on YouTube features the original cast from the grand opening. 

The story follows Rapunzel as she nears her 18th birthday and embarks on a journey of curiosity and destiny, helped along the way by a most-wanted rapscallion named Flynn Rider, a band of drunken thugs, and even an accomplished guard horse named Maximus (brought to life on stage by a one-man costumed puppeteer). 

Many of the songs from the film are performed throughout, including “When Will My Life Begin,” “Mother Knows Best,” “I’ve Got a Dream,” and the Grammy Award–winning “I See the Light.” However, in order to move the story along, the songs are complemented by three new numbers created by Academy Award–winning composer Alan Menken and Grammy Award–winning lyricist Glenn Slater.

Watch the whole show below: