Group Cruising

Cruising with a Group: The Do’s and Don’ts

Does “more the merrier” apply to cruise vacations? While cruising with a group may sound like a great idea in theory, without proper planning you may find it’s more than you bargained for. So, how do you ensure your cruising venture will be a success? Follow our list of Do’s and Don’ts for group cruising and you’ll be well on your way!


1. Spend all your time together

It is simply not realistic that everyone in your group will want to do the same thing at the same time. Going into your vacation thinking you’ll all be one jolly-ol’ bunch going to every meal, show, and excursion together will only set you up for later disappointment—probably on your first day at sea. To prevent this, make sure the group knows when there’ll be some free time to do their own thing.

2. Be vague

This may be great life advice, but it’s particularly true when traveling with a group. Make it clear when you expect the entire group to participate in certain events or activities. Also, when deciding where and when to meet up with your group once onboard, clarity is key! Telling everyone to meet on the pool deck isn’t going to cut it. Pick a landmark near the place you want to meet (like the pool bar or a particular statue in the atrium) and it’ll be easier to get everyone together.

3. Save seats or hog public places

This is a public service announcement from all your fellow cruisers: don’t be “that group!” Please be courteous to others when using common areas such as deck chairs or hot tubs. Pick a time that works for your entire party, so you aren’t tempted to save seats. Also, there’s no need to soak in a hot tub for more than 30 minutes. Let others get a chance to enjoy the relaxing bubbles too!

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1. Plan an activity together

Whether your group makes a reservation at a specialty dining location or decides to embark on the same shore excursion, planning to do a few activities altogether will be the highlight of your cruise.

2. Communicate often

Communication is key when traveling with a group! Create plans, share group information, and ask questions by creating a private Facebook group for your cruise. Plus, it’s a fun way to share pictures and reminisce after the trip. Print cards with names and cabin numbers that can be kept with your cruise ID to ensure group members can keep in touch. You can also hang chalk or dry erase boards on your stateroom door so you can leave quick notes for others.

3. Research Perks!

This may be the best part of booking a group cruise. Many cruise lines offer discounts, freebies, or upgrades on things like cabin bookings and drink packages to large groups. Get in touch with your individual cruise line to see what kind of benefits you may be eligible for!

Savannah D. is a writer based out of Orlando. Originally from Pennsylvania, Savannah moved to Florida in 2009 for its beautiful scenery, great weather, and to work for the Mouse. Now, Savannah spends her time writing, working at Disney, and exploring all Florida has to offer with her husband.