AIDA Cruises Opens Denmark’s First Shore Power Facility

AIDA Cruises announced the opening of its own first shore power facility June 20, 2023, at the Port of Aarhus. In addition, the vessel AIDAmar was fueled successfully from shore in regular operation. 

Prior to today, the ship AIDAsol was the first cruise ship to be successfully fueled on shore and pass all vessel integration exams.

“We were the first cruise line to start using shore power in Europe!,” said the President of AIDA Cruises, Felix Eichhorn. “We show that we stand by our word, which we gave to our Cruise Baltic partners in 2022, and are pleased that our ships can now also use shore power in a Danish Port.” 

AIDA Cruises had previously considered using shore power in the process of planning and building of its ships since 2004. Ten years passed before the cruise line could have started regular operations at Europe’s first shore power facility in Hamburg Altona in 2017.

Since 2021, AIDA vessels have been able to use shore power from different renewable energy sources in Kiel, Germany and rostock-Warnemunde. In 2022, the company expanded its use of first shore power facilities as more European cruise destinations became available and as first shore power facilities were established in Norway and the UK.  

As part of its Green-Cruising strategy, AIDA Cruises has invested in the sustainable cruise business for years. Also, with the use of reduced emission liquified natural gas (LNG), AIDA is expanding the use of alternative fuel sources such as batteries and shore power to operate its vessels.

Currently, with other partners, AIDA is working towards solutions on using fuel cells and other replenishable synthetic fuel sources and implementing more technology to achieve these goals. 

As a partner of the Carnival Corporation and the plc cruise brand, AIDA is working towards net-zero emissions for its vessels by 2050. 

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