5 Lighthouses Every Cruiser Should Know

Lighthouses have been a beacon in the sea since early man started sailing. While the lighthouse does not have as prominent a place in the modern world thanks to GPS, they are still an amazing shore visit on your cruise. They make for spectacular backgrounds for all your vacation photos, especially if you can capture sunrise or sunset! There are plenty of lighthouses in the world, but which ones are worth visiting? Here’s our list of the 5 lighthouses every cruiser should know!

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse has a very prominent position in Maine. However, it not only has a great location with some amazing sunrise and sunset shots, if your excursion is early or late enough to capture a view, the lighthouse is also located inside of Acadia National Park. So you get the best of both worlds as you get the maritime connection with the lighthouse, but also have a chance to explore the natural world as Acadia National Park in the summer months is one of the best parks to visit and spend some time onshore before your cruise departs again.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse | Photo: Arturo Donate

Saint Augustine Lighthouse

Saint Augustine is one of the oldest European settlements in North America on the Northern coast of Florida. However, just taking a day before or after your cruise and going on a drive to St. Augustine, FL will lead to you finding a unique experience that is amazing. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse is one of the iconic structures in the city, which is known for the Fountain of Youth. The lighthouse is a symbol that has withstood the test of time and is reportedly haunted. The lighthouse also has one of those looks that once you snap a picture of it and post on social media all of your friends will know right where you are.

Punta Carena Lighthouse

Ah, beautiful Naples, Italy. Like quite a few lighthouses, this one does not have access to the public to venture inside. However, it has an amazing view and definitely a spot that allows you to have some quiet that you are sure to enjoy. Not to mention the lighthouse has an amazing bathing area that is open during the summer. What else is nice is the short walks you can take and easily reach other destinations that are beautiful. Plus, all the pasta you can eat in Naples!

File:Punta Carena Lighthouse, view from the sea.jpg

Punta Carena Lighthouse | Photo: S D K Capri

Europa Point Lighthouse

Gibraltar is a beautiful place in Europe to enjoy and the island has a stunning lighthouse as well. Europa Point Lighthouse is a great lighthouse to check out and has plenty for you to do on shore that is close by. Not to mention where else can you stand and watch a couple of the world’s most amazing bodies of water. Overall, the Europa Point has a history you are going to enjoy, but a view that is stunning.

Europa Lighthouse | Photo: moise gh-marian from Pixabay

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Big Sable is a lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan and definitely can provide you with a great stopping point during your summer cruises along Lake Michigan. The lighthouse is one that is active and definitely popular as you can enjoy Lake Michigan, but also the nearby town of Ludington and if you want to explore the beauty of Michigan the lighthouse is located in Ludington State Park, which has quite a few recreational activities.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Big Sable Point Lighthouse | Photo: James Phelps

Taking a break from the cruise ship is easy to do with the onshore excursions. This list of lighthouses, though, really will stand out when you are looking at the onshore activities of the lighthouses and the region around them. No matter what, now you know the 5 lighthouses every cruiser should know and enjoy.

Let us know your favorite lighthouses in the comments below!

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