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10 Reasons to Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

If you’re like most cruisers, the highlight of your year is stepping aboard a cruise ship for a week of fun in the sun. Everyone has a favorite part about a cruise. Some love the unique dining options, others the onboard amenities like pools, movie theaters, mini-golf courses and tons more. If you’re new to cruising, you might not know about one of the most fun, interesting and informative events that take place at sea: a cruise ship art auction. 

Art is a big deal on board today’s cruise ships and companies like Park West Gallery curate incredible galleries full of works from well-known painters and sculptors. Millions of people have already started their art collections with the help of Park West curators and auctioneers and they’re ready to help you next! 

There are tons of reasons why you should check out the art auction on board your next cruise, here are 10 of our favorite! 

Experience Something New

How many art auctions have you attended? For most people, the answer is not many. An art auction is a great way to experience something new while on vacation. Curious passengers can learn more about how auctions work and what kinds of art are available. Speaking with a gallery attendant is a great way to dip your toes into the art auction world and open yourself up to a whole new hobby you didn’t know you loved! 

Mingle with Other Guests

Meeting new people is a staple of any cruise. Whether it’s sitting by the pool or taking the tender to shore, cruisers are a social bunch who love to mingle with their fellow passengers. Art auctions curated by Park West Gallery on board a cruise ship are a wonderful place to chat with other cruisers about art or anything! Who knows, the people you meet could become great cruising friends in the future! 

Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery staff offer more details about each piece | Photo: Park West Gallery

Learn More About Yourself

Viewing and appreciating art can also be a great way to learn more about yourself. What pieces stand out to you? Is it the colors? The shapes? The medium? Does the art evoke an emotional reaction? How do your thoughts compare to those around you? The best part about art is there is no wrong answer. What art you find beautiful is unique to you and it says something about who you are as a person. 

Learn More About the Art World 

What is it about art that makes it so popular? Why are some paintings worth more than others. Why do some painters use a certain technique and others don’t? These are all questions that art novices might have when they attend a cruise ship art auction for the first time. Learn more about how paintings come to be auctioned and discover how and why curators build their collections the way that they do. The art industry is massive, global and constantly.

Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

A Park West auctioneer takes bids | Photo: Park West Gallery

Find Something You Like  

Whether you’re an experienced collector or simply looking for something to brighten up a room in your home, attending an art auction on a cruise makes it easy to view and bid on pieces that YOU like! You can find pieces from household names like Peter Max or Romero Britto or something from an artist you aren’t familiar with. All that matters is you love looking at the piece you bid on and want it to be a part of your life moving forward! 

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Jumpstart Your Home Collection 

Having a personal art collection is a wonderful hobby that many enjoy. Cruise ship art auctions are an opportunity to grow your own collection, no matter your taste in art. Park West curates works made from a variety of mediums and across various artistic styles. You can choose to accent your collection with unique pieces or follow a common theme throughout your personal gallery, it’s entirely up to you! 

Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship art galleries have a variety of works | Photo: Park West Gallery

It’s an Exclusive Opportunity 

The art sold on board cruise ships by galleries like Park West comes with a certificate of authenticity and they provide a complete description of each work sold. In many cases, the works have been archived by the gallery for many years prior to putting them up for auction so it’s fair to say the art is exclusive and challenging to find outside of a cruise art program. If you see something you like, chances are, you’ll never have the chance to bid on it again! 

They’re Fun! 

If you’ve never been to an auction before, art or otherwise, you might not realize how much fun and excitement there can be. Watching the speedy auctioneers take bids and command the room is entertainment in itself, but just wait until a bidding war breaks out over a Picasso sketch or a Rembrandt etching. You can feel the drama in the room! This isn’t a stuffy, monotone art lecture…it’s an interactive event with more action than most realize! 

Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

A Park West Gallery curator speaks with a guest | Photo: Park West Gallery

Free Champagne 

Even if you aren’t looking to buy art on a cruise ship, those who attend the event are privileged to a free glass of bubbly when they arrive. Why not take a quick break from all the fun in the sun to enjoy a cold glass of sparkling wine and check out pieces by famous artists from all over the world! 

You Can Pre-Register For Buying Credits

If you’re cruising soon, Park West is offering a $50 buying credit and a free gift to those who pre-register for their ship’s auction. Park West Gallery curates galleries on the following cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Anyone sailing on those cruise lines can pre-register quickly and easily on the Park West Gallery website.

Do you like to buy art on a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below!