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TRAVEL TIPS: Explore the Big Blue with Sea Trek in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is surely an interesting place to visit. The small island is divided into two with Sint Maarten (Dutch) occupying the southern half, while Saint Martin (French), occupies the northern portion. Hispaniola is the only other island divided into two countries: the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Consider Sint Maarten a double treat since the island is so small (about 50 sq. miles) that you can easily travel to both countries (do not leave your passport behind). As a top island for scuba diving in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten needs to be on your bucket list!

Philipsburg, the capital city, is a popular port for cruises traveling to the country, and the reason is not a mystery. Philipsburg is a Caribbean paradise with fantastic weather all year-round, turquoise waters, and so much more to do. The waters are so clear and beautiful that taking on a Sea Trek adventure is a great travel recommendation.

What is Sea Trek? Sea Trek is a travel experience like no other. If you cannot swim or have never gone diving, Sea Trek will open up a whole new world for you. With Sea Trek, you’ll be wearing a helmet that stays put thanks to its weight and gravity. You’re then directed to slowly descend a ladder to about twenty feet. Then a scuba diver will guide you to the underwater path where you and your group will explore the sights. With the helmet on, you will feel like an astronaut exploring an unknown planet. You’re never left on your own. Several scuba divers are constantly swimming around guiding your group and making sure everyone is okay. They will take photos which you can later purchase on a USB card. Schools of colorful fish will be swimming all around waiting for you to give them some food.

If you decide to give Sea Trek a go there will be a few things that will happen first. Once you book your excursion with your cruise line and meet at the rendezvous point on the port, you’ll go on a short boat ride to a floating structure. There you’ll be instructed on how to properly wear the helmet and navigate the underwater path. There’s a limited amount of people that can do the underwater tour at a given time, so depending on how many people booked the excursion, there might be several groups, so there will be some sort of waiting before or after you go on your Sea Trek adventure. However, they offer snorkeling gear so you can make the most of your time at St. Maarten. The entire excursion is about two hours so you will have plenty of time to explore the port before or after sea trekking.

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