Luxury Cruises

Are Luxury Cruises Worth the Price?

If you are planning a cruise vacation getaway on one of the many incredible ships operating today, you have one big decision to make right from the start- your budget. One of the best parts about cruising that many don’t realize is the sheer number of options when it comes to choosing your cruise line and itinerary. Some smaller ship cruises bill themselves as luxury and the exclusive services and amenities justify the higher prices. Are luxury cruises worth the price? What are you actually paying so much extra for?

These can be difficult choices to make if you do not study up on what each type of cruise offers. Here’s a quick and handy guide that breaks down what exactly you can expect to get from each type of cruise:

Luxury Cruise Traditional Cruise
Pampering You are guaranteed to get a lot of special amenities on a luxury cruise- better rooms, high end bath products, more space, fewer people, and better onboard accommodations. You’ll get simple, but comfortable amenities and accommodations in room and plenty of areas around the ship to relax and enjoy your vacation. Theses spaces are public, however so you can mingle with other cruisers.
Staff Services Staffing on the more expensive ships means better service as they take pride in their staff and build their reputation on outstanding guest relations. Staffing on cruise ships is generally impeccable across the board, but on larger ships, the staff-to-guest ratio gets larger so the level of personalized service understandably goes down.
Gratuities One of the biggest perks of booking a luxury cruise is that they usually have all gratuities included, so you do not have to worry about tips and such. You will have to remember to set aside funds to leave tips and gratuities at every meal you eat and when you use special onboard services.
Beverages If you like to drink- alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages- then a luxury cruise will win you over with their free drinks all day every day of your trip. With a standard budget cruise, you may get a free drink each day but everything else you will have to pay for, which can add up fast if you are a big drinker.
Dining Luxury cruise ships hire the best staff and that includes the kitchen and wait staff so you will be sure to get delicious meals and amazing services. Budget cruises have good food but it can be a little less grand and the staff often are not as refined and accommodating as what you’d find elsewhere.
Itineraries Another major reason people love luxury cruises is they often include itineraries that are different from standard trips so you see new and exciting things. Smaller ships = more exclusive ports of call. You will see great sights if you book a cruise with a major cruise line but it will be the same sights and destinations that everyone sees when they go on a cruise. Good thing tropical islands don’t get old!
Shore Excursions Booking a high end cruise also means you get access to special shore excursions and activities that are not available otherwise. Some small ships have kayaks and other aquatic toys for guests to enjoy. If you want to kick back on a beach and maybe visit a few sights during your shore excursions, then pretty much every cruise to a place like the Caribbean has what you’re looking for! No need to break the bank if you like to keep it simple.
Special Memories You will make amazing and special memories thanks to the unique flare and set up of most luxury cruises that they are well worth the investment. You’ll make great memories on a regular cruise with something basic and relaxing but if you want daring and unique you may want to upgrade.


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