Tips for Easing Your First-Time Cruise Anxiety

Are you about to schedule your first cruise vacation but can’t seem to ease your cruise anxiety? You are not alone. AllianzGlobal conducted a survey and found 53 percent of the respondents avoided cruising based on worries related to high-profile ship-related incidents, fear of contracting an airborne illness or become seasick, fear of a catastrophic wreck, or because they fear water or being stuck in small spaces. Here are tips and facts that should ease your concerns, so your first cruise leads to many more cruises.

What is First Time Cruise Anxiety?

Some first-time cruisers cruise anxiety comes from myths, the unknown, and unfounded worries. Instead of thinking of enjoying activities on the cruise ship, they imagine a sea of horrors like no cell phone service to call for help—or feeling like they can’t breathe as they board the ship on embarkation day. You can ease some fears by debunking common myths and having a plan.

Ease Your Fear of Motion Sickness

If your fear of motion sickness stems from memories of a horrible car, small boat, or plane ride, surprisingly you may enjoy a cruise more than any of the three. You have a higher risk of experiencing seasickness on a smaller boat because you will feel almost every wave and bump. Consider these first-time cruise tips to ease your anxiety:

  • Don’t leave home without anti-nausea remedies such as a sea-band or over-the-counter medicine like Dramamine.
  • Consider traveling on a cruise line with big ships like Royal Caribbean. Cruise passengers can hardly feel when the ship moves!
  • If you suffer severe motion sickness, your doctor can prescribe your prescription medication.

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Get Rational About Your Irrational Fear

Many people have irrational fears like claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) or aquaphobia (fear of water). If you are one of those people, stick with the big ships and get all the space you need. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is a massive ship with large open areas. There is plenty of space to walk around. Furthermore, the ships are bigger than you can imagine. You can have a great time without exploring the ship’s periphery.

Fear of Traveling Alone

Are you terrified of traveling alone on your first cruise? One tip for first-time cruise anxiety: don’t go alone. It may be a good idea to vacation with a friend or loved one. If you are looking forward to some peace and quiet but don’t want to look awkward and lonely, consider pre-booking shore excursions and tours. The activities both on land and on sea encourage socializing. The beauty of these events, you can balance your alone time and social time perfectly.

It’s natural to have some anxiety when doing something like cruising for the first time. Now that you are feeling better, it’s time to book your first cruise! Book a three-day cruise to help you ease into having the time of your life.

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