Silversea Opens Exclusive Pre-Sale On 206 New Voyages For Summer 2025

A pre-sale for a new collection of 206 voyages during summer 2025 is now open exclusively through Silversea Cruises! Between March and November 2025, the latest voyage collection by Silversea Cruises demonstrates the brand’s leadership in destination offerings, featuring a wide range of unique and luxurious experiences. Multiple ships will stop at both iconic cities and lesser-known hidden gems. With a global coverage of over 900 destinations, Silversea’s 12 ships will explore 409 destinations across 60 countries during the summer of 2025, including 24 new maiden calls.

“We are delighted to open an exclusive pre-sale on our new voyage collection for summer 2025,” said Barbara Muckermann, President of Silversea. “Leveraging our destination expertise to deliver all-new experiences for our guests’ enjoyment, our 206 new voyages – complete with 24 maiden calls – expand Silversea’s global coverage, which includes well over 900 destinations worldwide — more than any other cruise line. We have diversified our global offering, with multiple ships and an unparalleled variety of itineraries unlocking our planet’s most enriching cultures, communities, and natural wonders.”

Travelers will be able to delve further into the destinations with Silversea’s voyage collection for summer 2025. With 66 overnight calls and 421 late departures, new itineraries will complement the classics. Some of the highlights of the collection include:



Silversea will offer two additional Grand Voyages for 2025, allowing travelers to explore the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic & Northern Europe in more profound detail. The extended voyages will visit well-known cities and seldom-visited locations only accessible to smaller vessels, delivering an unforgettable experience.

Grand Mediterranean

Silversea’s Silver Spirit cruise ship will embark on the Grand Mediterranean 2025 tour, departing from Fusina (Venice) on September 18 and docking in Lisbon on November 11, covering 54 travel days. The expedition offers a comprehensive exploration of the most renowned cities in the Mediterranean, including Athens, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Naples, and Venice. The journey will include in-depth tours of the Adriatic, Greek Isles, and other significant Eastern, Southern, and Western Mediterranean regions, featuring 44 locations in 12 countries. Overnight calls in Istanbul, Livorno (Tuscany), Malaga, and Naples and 12 late departures give travelers ample time to immerse themselves in local cultures. Additionally, the voyage provides access to lesser-known destinations, such as Palamos in Spain and Syros in Greece, which are off the beaten path. Guests can participate in an authentic culinary experience by getting to know Dubrovnik’s local culinary culture through a farm-to-table dining experience at a historic village estate that has produced wine, brandy, and olive oil for generations.


Silversea’s Silver Shadow ship will set sail on June 11, offering an 83-day expedition from New York to the Grand North Atlantic & Northern Europe 2025. The journey promises an immersive exploration of 55 destinations in 16 countries in the North Atlantic and Northern Europe, which offer a glimpse of ancient Viking life and an encompassing view of history. Guests will cross Eastern Canada, arrive in the British Isles, and subsequently sail the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Fjords, and Iceland with the most suitable weather. Along the way, visitors will witness awe-inspiring natural wonders, including Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull, and Dynjandi waterfall. Silversea’s small ship allows passage to locations that are not accessible to mainstream vessels, including Flåm and Geiranger.


For summer 2025, Silversea has increased its presence in the Mediterranean, with six ships sailing on 84 voyages, offering diversified regional experiences. Silver Whisper voyages allow guests to visit smaller ports like Milos, Amorgos, Pula, Vlore, and Seville. New Silver Spirit and Silver Whisper itineraries in the Greek Isles take visitors to off-the-beaten-path destinations. Silver Muse provides an immersive experience of iconic destinations in Greece. Silversea’s newest ship, Silver Ray, stops at Monaco, Syracuse, and Palma de Mallorca to deliver enriching culinary experiences through the S.A.L.T. program. Travelers can also sample authentic Mediterranean dishes at Portofino’s scenic eco farm, La Portofinese. Brand new Silver Wind expeditions to far-flung areas of the Atlantic Isles and Northern Africa add another dimension to Silversea’s Mediterranean sailings.


Silversea has improved its Galapagos Islands offerings for summer 2025 with 26 voyages on Silver Origin. Silversea has created enriched itineraries for deeper immersion and two new destinations. On the North Central Itinerary, visitors can enjoy more time on Isabela and Fernandina islands and a new destination called Isla Lobos, San Cristobal, where they can snorkel with sea lions, paddle-board, and go bird-watching. Meanwhile, the Western Itinerary will include a stop at Bahia Bowditch, a brand-new destination for Silversea. Guests can relax on a pristine, white sandy beach and explore the coastal trails leading to lagoons. Galapagos itineraries draw inspiration from Silversea’s S.A.L.T. culinary program as visitors dine on authentic local cuisine inside a lava tunnel in Santa Cruz and have ample opportunities to fish and dive with local operators.

Discover the Arctic and Greenland

From May to August 2025, Silversea offers 14 voyages to rarely visited destinations in the Arctic and Greenland. Silversea has gained deep knowledge and built strong partnerships with local communities in Coral Harbour, Qaqortoq, and Sisimut, among others, offering authentic experiences of the local way of life. Silver Endeavour and Silver Wind will take visitors to experience Inuit cultures, observe rare wildlife, and learn about the Arctic’s remote environments through Silversea’s expert expedition team. The 2025 Arctic season is highlighted by Silver Endeavour‘s first-ever crossing of the Northwest Passage, a 24-day journey following in the footsteps of famous explorers. With seamless return journeys, visitors have more opportunities to explore Svalbard at the best time of year, with nine itineraries from seven to 18 days undertaken by two ships.

Silversea’s voyage collection for summer 2025 offers more exciting adventures, including six voyages on Silver Cloud to the isolated Kimberley region, 36 voyages onboard Alaska’s youngest ships, 26 sailings on four ships in Northern Europe, and many other exceptional journeys.

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