Scenic Group Reveals Emerald Kaia

Scenic Group is updating and expanding its fleet to improve the guest experience. The new luxury ocean yacht Emerald Kaia from Emerald Cruises will accommodate 128 guests and will include new amenities such as an expanded Sky Deck and larger cabins and suites.

Emerald Kaia, with its significant design and amenity enhancements, marks a pivotal expansion for our fleet. It builds on the strengths of Emerald Sakara and Emerald Azzurra, allowing us to offer unmatched superyacht experiences along the world’s most captivating coastlines,” said Glen Moroney, Chairman and Founder of Scenic Group.


The yacht offers a sophisticated atmosphere with cabanas, multiple dining experiences, a marina with water sports, and an open-air gym. The Elements Spa caters to guests seeking wellness and relaxation. Emerald Kaia will begin sailing in April 2026, and bookings and charters are available starting April 10. In addition, Scenic and Emerald Cruises luxury river cruise ships in Central Europe and France have undergone design updates to align with the Group’s ocean cruising experiences.

“The design update of our river fleet integrates the elegance and innovative features of our ultra-luxury and luxury ocean yachts into our river cruise ships, elevating and enhancing the guest experience onboard,” said Karen Moroney, Director of Project Design, Scenic Group. “It’s a testament to our dedication not just to luxury, but to leading the way in sustainable and thoughtful design within the industry.”

Scenic Eclipse and Scenic Eclipse II Discovery Yachts will also receive enhancements, including new spa features, outdoor dining venues, and additions to the Discovery Team space. 

“Our collaboration with Triton Submarines on the custom design of our new submersible reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and leading the way in ultra-luxury yacht cruising,” remarked Jason Flesher, Director of Discovery Operations for Scenic Group. 

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