Royal Caribbean Group Announces Innovative Biofuel Testing

This summer, Royal Caribbean Group will be at the forefront of using alternative fuel when Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Apex and Royal Caribbean International’s Symphony of the Seas depart in Europe with maintainable biofuel to meet the ships’ fuel requirements.

Throughout the three-month test, Celebrity Apex will cast off from the Port of Rotterdam and Symphony of the Seas will sail from the Port of Barcelona. Both ships will use a biofuel blend, which will reduce carbon discharge. 

The blend is crafted by purifying materials such as oils and fats and merging the two with fuel oil. 

“Biofuels will play an increasingly important role in achieving not only our own, but the entire maritime sector’s decarbonization goals in the short and medium term,” President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, Jason Liberty, said. 

Liberty said his company takes great satisfaction in continuing to put the industry in the direction of exploring new fuel solutions, which will ultimately reduce carbon footprint. It will also conserve the vibrancy of the oceans we travel. 

Royal Caribbean Group’s commitment to sustainability began 30 years ago; the company has remained devoted to innovating and advancing the solutions required to have a sustainable time ahead. Testing biofuels is a step that will move the company closer to accomplishing Destination Net Zero, its goal of producing net zero emissions by 2050. 


Royal Caribbean Group plans to pursue the increase of alternative carbon fuel to meet the requirements of its ships. After testing is complete, Royal Caribbean will increase the use of alternative fuels, including biofuels, with its upcoming European voyages.

This step in the company’s commitment to alternative fuels happened after the biofuel trial with its California-based Navigator of the Seas, which became the first ship to travel from a U.S. port and using a renewable diesel fuel this past fall.

“With our insights set on a bright and sustainable future, we are committed to collaboration and innovation to ensure we deliver great vacation experiences responsibly,” Liberty said. “With the completion of the trials, our hope is to advance our ships’ ability to meaningfully reduce emissions and propel forward strategic partnerships with suppliers and ports.” 

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