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Sustainability & the IMPACT of Cruise Tourism with Experiential Travel in Victoria, B.C., Canada

Experiential Travel’ community involvement is no “yolk”. Our support for Woodwynn Farms in Victoria has reached new heights and since we are all about travel, we just had to have a mobile chicken coop. Introducing: Poultry In Motion.

Experiential Travel has sponsored the making and functioning of a mobile chicken coop on the farm. Tourism, managed responsibly and with a high level of accountability can bring true prosperity in various measures for ALL who live locally and enrich the land.

The cruise industry continues to bring opportunity and prosperity to Vancouver Island by supporting a plethora of industries, all interwoven, playing their part, locally and beyond Victoria. In addition to support and contribution from Experiential Travel to see this project come to fruition, Poultry In Motion was also made possible by the visiting cruise ship guests from Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises, partaking in the shore excursions provided by Experiential Travel in the port of Victoria, BC.

The Poultry In Motion concept was conceived and built by the Woodwynn Farm team and residents of the empowering, “Homefulness” program. Kylie, a resident truly does an amazing job with the chickens, caring for them and sharing in her love and soulful energy. Watching the chickens respond to her is both fascinating and inspiring.

After some of the top local restaurants were made aware of the program and the delicious eggs, we have not been able to keep up with supplying them with quantities of eggs they require (a good challenge to have). AND SO – I humbly request support from anyone who is willing to help us with building additional chicken coops so we may meet the current demand.

The project gives residents and volunteers a purpose, mending many a soul. If you’re ever in Victoria, I would love to share the experience, for that, is when you will experience the truth and understand the deep IMPACT of the Poultry In Motion program.

The strongest people are not the ones who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.

As the saying goes: The strongest people are not the ones who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about. People in the depths of despair and desperation making a commitment to change, only because someone took the time to believe in them.


For more, visit:Woodwynnfarms.org

“Making an IMPACT on Addictions, Homelessness & Mental Health”