MSC Foundation Partners With UNWTO To Provide Sustainability Courses Aboard MSC Euribia

Following the success of the first Global Youth Tourism Summit held in Sorrento, Italy, in 2022, the MSC Foundation has partnered with UNWTO to provide several educational courses related to sustainability aboard MSC Erubia. As a result, the specially-equipped MSC Foundation Youth Lab will be added to the ship.

MSC Foundation Executive Director Daniela Picco said,We are proud to build on the tremendous success of the Global Youth Tourism Summit in Sorrento by extending our partnership with UNWTO to promote youth empowerment and sustainability education. The new MSC Foundation Lab on MSC Euribia will offer an innovative venue for children and teenagers to engage in sustainability-focused activities. Our new custom-designed program, ‘GYTS for MSC: A Sustainable Future for Our Next Generations,’ has been specially conceived to empower young people to learn, create, and express themselves while addressing key sustainability issues such as marine conservation, climate change, and responsible tourism. By making our young guests the center of these activities, we aim to raise awareness of the challenges facing humanity and equip our next generations with the tools they need to create a better world.”

The new Youth Lab will offer “GYTS for MSC: A Sustainable Future for Our Next Generations,” one of the core programs created with UNWTO. 12 two-hour sessions will be provided daily, with topics ranging from ocean health, recycling, and climate change to sustainable tourism and social media. Kids will have the chance to learn about pressing environmental issues, create projects, and express themselves according to their interests and ideas.


For MSC Cruises, keeping the younger generations entertained on a cruise means listening to them and taking real note of their interests and wishes,” said MSC Cruises Senior Manager of Kids Entertainment Matteo Mancini. “Last summer, during the Global Youth Tourism Summit, young people from all over the world also asked us for the space and time to discuss these topics on board our ships. We welcomed their request, believing it our duty to join with Gen Z youth to create a high-impact edutainment, creation and sharing program with the power to generate concrete results. It’s an immense honor for us to join with UNWTO to achieve this, bringing the young people on our ships the latest information and powerful resources to build a sustainable future.”

The MSC Group is dedicated to making a significant impact on the major challenges that humanity is facing. To achieve this, the MSC Foundation has been established with a comprehensive approach. Its primary goals are to increase awareness about these challenges and empower young guests of MSC Cruises with the knowledge and motivation necessary to understand the Foundation’s programs and initiatives.

The MSC Foundation focuses on four main areas: the Environment, which includes marine conservation efforts; Education, Community Support, and Emergency Relief. By engaging young cruise guests, MSC Cruises aims to cultivate a sense of responsibility and activism within them. These young individuals are invited to become Junior Ambassadors of the Foundation and participate in dedicated activities designed to equip them with the tools to advocate for the rights of future generations to thrive in a better world.

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By Ethan Leckie