Regent Seven Seas Cruises Unveils New Entertainment Aboard Seven Seas Grandeur

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is thrilled to debut four captivating performances aboard its newest ship, Seven Seas Grandeur! A Heritage of Perfection launches in November 2023 with new productions celebrating the legacy of Broadway and its influence on at-sea entertainment!

Featuring stylistic themes of Grammy Award winners, world-renowned choreographers, and experts in authentic costume design; the productions aboard Seven Seas Grandeur are an exciting new addition to Regent’s entertainment sector.  Dancing with the Star’s Britt Stewart, Argentine Tango expert Francisco Forquera, and acclaimed Broadway director John MacInnis come together to create unforgettable Broadway inspired programs. 

“These new entertainment productions aboard Seven Seas Grandeur are a testament to our commitment to providing our guests with unparalleled luxury and unforgettable moments,” said Andrea DeMarco, President of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

New features include Pasión, Ignite the Night, Marauder’s Ball, and ICONS, a contemporary “VIP concert experience” showcasing headliner hits with a brand-new spin. These enchanting new productions embody unparalleled energy and captivating imagery.

Seven Seas Grandeur exemplifies more than 30 years of unrivaled experiences, and so we felt it important that the team to bring the ship’s new production shows to life were steeped in Broadway heritage and talent, whether that be decorated performers, accomplished choreographers, or creative minds, to ensure that our guests will be captivated from start to finish,” said DeMarco. 

Under the leadership of Kai Alan Carrier, Director of Artistic Theatrical Entertainment, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has created immersive and engaging theatrical experiences exclusive to guests aboard Seven Seas Grandeur. With his new role dedicated to enhancing the cruise line’s theatrical offerings, Carrier brought over 25 years of entertainment experience to each brand new production. 

“With an understanding that our valued guests have a love for familiar tunes and a zest for lively adventure, we wanted to ensure a diverse range of offerings,” said Kai Alan Carrier, Director of Artistic Theatrical Entertainment, Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  

With a strong musical background, Carrier’s creative development approach focuses on crafting productions rich in texture and design. His expertise has been pivotal in shaping the concept and planning behind new shows aboard Seven Seas Grandeur.

“Our ultimate objective was to present exciting forms of entertainment that would captivate and delight our audience, engaging our guests in stunning vignettes, showcasing the extraordinary talents of our performers, and leaving them with unforgettable memories. I am proud to have worked alongside an exceptional team to create these incredible shows,” said Carrier.

New Production Set List Aboard Seven Seas Grandeur

  • Pasión: Celebrating the Tango, a dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Pasión aims to capture the essence of the dance by blending themes of modern hits with authentic Argentinian roots. 
  • Ignite the Night: Guests will be mesmerized by Ignite the Night, an unexpected mix of dance, style, and design. Inspired by the visual grandeur of American Idol and  Video Music Awards, this show will take center stage.  
  • Marauder’s Ball: Directed by John MacInnis and Grammy award-winning Jason Howland, Marauder’s Ball is filled with adventure and excitement. Set to the beat of modern music and infused with inspiring melodies, Marauder’s Ball promises an unforgettable experience on the high seas. This dynamic production will transport audiences into a world of pirate legends and seafaring tales, igniting imaginations and captivating hearts.
  • ICONS: Delivering recognizable hits, ICONS provides audiences with engaging and contemporary VIP concert experiences. It’s a journey inspired by iconic pop headliners such as The Pointer Sisters, Hall & Oates, Adele, and Celine Dion. Experienced directors such as Kevin Black and accomplished choreographer James Alonzo provide unique features to the show’s creative design. 

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By Adalyn Duga