Heritage Expeditions Heritage Adventurer

Heritage Adventurer from Heritage Expeditions Embarks on Maiden Voyage

Heritage Expedition’s brand-new flagship, Heritage Adventurer, is making cruise history on her maiden voyage as the very first expedition ship to visit the remote village of Pasir Putih on Indonesia’s Buru Island. Equipped with impeccable amenities and a touch of sophistication and comfort, Heritage Adventurer is the ideal heir to the Heritage fleet.

About 1,000 locals from 6 different villages gathered along the white sandy beach with local children and prominent dignitaries, including the respected Chief of Regency, Mrs. Safitri. Mrs. Safitri traveled 6 hours to personally take part in the event and greet Heritage Adventurer’s intrepid guests on its first voyage, Indonesian Explorer.

Aaron and Nathan Russ, owners of Heritage Expeditions, described their new partnership and friendship between the New Zealand-based company, its guests, and the locals of South Buru Island as an “incredible privilege.”

Nathan Russ said, “Being welcomed so full-heartedly by these incredibly friendly people into their way of life on this tropical island paradise, who are just as interested in us as we are in them and sharing these unforgettable moments with our guests is why we do what we do.”

Aaron agreed with Nathan, saying making connections with and supporting these typically isolated communities is super important, as well as continuing to understand and encounter new cultures and traditions. Exploring the wilderness and wildlife encounters in the island’s rarest areas was the “true essence of authentic expedition cruising,” said Aaron. “We are incredibly proud to continue the family tradition of sharing incredible adventures with our guests. Being able to offer these unforgettable moments is all part of the Heritage Experience.” 

“It’s fantastic to see our guests, both existing and new, fall in love with Heritage Adventurer and rightfully restore the pride and mana in our ‘Grande Dame of Expedition Cruising’, says Aaron.


“We are incredibly proud to be the custodians of this iconic vessel and continue her history and story as a true pioneer.”

Once guests arrive on the shore of the island, they are met with a series of cultural dances and a formal greeting from Mrs. Safitri before celebrating their arrival with a feast, traditional dancing, and the opportunity to learn more about life on the island and the culture of its inhabitants. Once the festivities conclude, guests are free to enjoy the village at their leisure, including all the wildlife-gilled jungles and scenic coral reefs.

Indonesian Explorer visits remote and rare tropical islands in Indonesia and features awesome excursions like visiting Komodo National Park–home to the famed Komodo Dragon, swimming with the Whale Sharks in Kwatisore Bay, discovering Jacques Cousteau’s “underwater nirvana” in Wakatobi National Park and exploring the waters and corals of Raja Ampat. Guests can also enjoy the island’s famous white sandy beaches, jungles, and underwater worlds.