Gourmet Buffets


Step aside, midnight pizza! There are plenty of new favorites to choose from at today’s buffets at sea.

By Lynn & Cele Seldon

Buffets at sea were once all about the quantity. The bigger the bowl of (jumbo) shrimp, the better! Today, quality and creativity take the fore… and cruisers are loving each and every all-they-can-eat bite!

It’s a Pirate’s Life — and Food — with Disney

Leave it to Disney Cruise Line to take a theme — like pirates — and make it fun and tasty. Every Disney cruise features a “Pirate’s Buffet,” which is set up with pirate-themed garnishes and ice carvings. The special buffet coincides with the “Pirates in the Caribbean” deck party, which features stunt performers rappelling from atop the funnel; an epic battle; characters like Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Captain Mickey; and the only fireworks display at sea.

The tropical-tinged buffet features barbecue turkey drumsticks (argh, matey!), honey-glazed ham and rum raisin sauce, chili, rice and beans, corn bread, freshly cut tropical fruit (in colorful displays), and sinful pineapple and coconut meringue cake for dessert. Kids and kids-at-heart can join in the fun by donning pirate attire for the evening.


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