Join the Club: Vampire Cruises


Cruises You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Vampire genre cruises draw fans looking for a “fangtastic” time.

By Clark Norton

Vampires — those sharp-fanged mythological creatures of the night who are said to subsist on the blood of the living – are as ubiquitous as Snooki these days, rising from their coffins to plunge their incisors into a bulging vein of books, movies, TV shows, cruise ships. … Cruise ships?!

Why not? Just because no self-respecting vampire would venture out to the ship’s pool in daylight doesn’t mean that dedicated fans of the vampire genre — Anne Rice admirers, Twilight Saga junkies, Dracula groupies, Buffy and Dark Shadows devotees, and even those diehards who sat through Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the big screen — should have to limit their obsession to dry land. Aboard otherwise normal-looking cruise ships, these fans can dress up like vampires, play vampire trivia, compete in vampire scavenger hunts, attend lectures on vampires, watch vampire movies, sing along at a “scareoke” party, ask the ship’s chef to hold the garlic, and still revert to full human form to go touring or shopping in port.

“You’ll have a fangtastic time,” promises the aptly named Linda Wolf, who has organized three vampire cruises in the past two years. Wolf, who heads up the Winnetka, California, travel agency Cruises Cruises Cruises, is a relative latecomer to vampire fandom, having been seduced by the film Twilight (based on author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight book series) back in 2008.

“I fell in love with the story and knew I had to do a Twilight-themed cruise,” she says….


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