Environmentally Friendly MSC Euribia Completes Sea Trials

After a four-day trial in the Atlantic Ocean, MSC Euribia has completed her deepwater intensive systems tests. MSC Cruises’ second liquefied natural gas-powered ship is heading back to the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint Nazaire, France, for the finishing touches. Delivery to MSC Cruises is scheduled for May 31, 2023.

According to MSC Cruises, MSC Euribia will be able to accommodate 6,327 guests and is the cruise line’s 22nd ship to join the fleet. After being officially named in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 8, MSC Euribia will sail to her homeport in Kiel, Germany, before her maiden voyage season to Northern Europe.

To be environmentally conscious, MSC Euribia will use LNG fuel and feature advanced marine technology. According to MSC Cruises, the ship will also have an “exclusive customized fresco” outside to showcase its commitment to protecting and preserving the marine environment.

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New Hull Design Artwork

The new hull was designed by Alex Flämig, a German graphic artist who won an international competition. 

“To witness my design finally come to life across MSC Euribia’s hull is an incredibly proud moment and even more so, to soon have my artwork sailing the world’s oceans,” said Flämig. “I hope it can serve not only as a testament to MSC Cruises’ commitment to protecting the important marine ecosystem but also as an inspiration for those working on finding innovative solutions to safeguard the future of the ocean.”

Flämig’s masterpiece, “#SavetheSea” was designed with an ocean-inspired color scheme and represents, according to MSC Cruises, its “ongoing dedication to the sea and commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.”

MSC Euribia was named after the ancient Greek goddess Eurybia, who mastered the seas through her command of the winds, weather, and constellations. This namesake is the inspiration for the line’s vision of the ship using “advanced sustainable solutions” to conquer the seas.

MSC Euribia and the Environment

Liquified natural gas is one of the world’s cleanest marine fuels and currently reduces greenhouse gasses by 20%. According to MSC Cruises, they are working on several projects to develop technologies such as LNG fuel cells and make them viable with “regulators, academia, shipyards, and industry.”

MSC Euribia will also reduce carbon emissions in port by featuring shore power plug-in connectivity, underwater radiated noise management system, and wastewater treatment systems designed by the International Maritime Organization, an agency of the United Nations.

MSC Euribia will begin her inaugural season in June with 7-night itineraries from Kiel, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Norwegian Fjords like Geiranger, Alesund, and Flaam.

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By Niko Balkaran