Beauty and the Bottle

The Italian Lakes are among the most beautiful and popular places to visit in Europe. The glory of nature lies all around with glistening waters, picturesque lakeside villages, medieval castles and imposing mountain views. Stretching from the River Po in the south to the lower Alps and the Dolomites to the north, the five major lakes exude their own distinctive charm and jaw-dropping scenery. 

Yet there’s beauty in the bottle too, as the region boasts many wonderful wines from world class vineyards with historic names. Some of the most famous come from around Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake and home to the northernmost Mediterranean climate in Europe. 

However, venture north to the Trentino region, past the resort town of Riva del Garda, and you’ll find yourself in the Dolomites, a mountain range and UNESCO World Heritage site. It is here, amid the stunning alpine landscape, that arguably Italy’s finest fizz is made as Trentodoc. 

Meet the Makers

One of the most famous producers is Ferrari Trento, founded in 1902 by visionary entrepreneur, Giulio Ferrari. With no children, he decided in 1952 to sell his company to Bruno Lunelli, owner of a local wine shop which stocked his wine. Lunelli took on Ferrari’s vision and grew the business, eventually handing it over to his sons. 

Today, the president and CEO is Matteo Lunelli, third generation of the family and equally determined to maintain Ferrari’s position as an iconic, international-award-winning sparkling wine brand. Although completely unrelated to the similarly-named, famous automotive brand, Ferrari Trento has been sponsoring Formula One since 2021. They even produce a limited edition blanc de blancs, celebrating some of the most iconic Grands Prix in the FIA Formula One World Championship! 

The company is also committed to reducing environmental impact by an ongoing series of initiatives. All their own vineyards are organic and growers (around 700 of them) are encouraged to follow sustainable practices. 

Villa and Vineyards

Wine-loving tourists can choose between five different cellar tour options, starting from €22 ($24). These include a visit to the winery, followed by a tasting. The Renaissance Tour (€150, $164) allows you to try the Lunelli family’s wines in the beautiful sixteenth-century Villa Margon, on the right bank of the River Adige southwest of Trento, where the Lunellis planted a 12-hectare vineyard 10 years ago. 

The villa is an ideal spot to enjoy a full Ferrari experience. It’s a unique place with history, beauty, and art combined, including original and untouched frescos dating back to the 1550s. After visiting the winery in Trento, the villa and vineyards are only a short drive away. Then fine dining with carefully matched wines at one-starred Michelin restaurant, Locanda Margon, will complete .…

By Robin Goldsmith


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Robin Goldsmith is a British food and drink writer, and a judge in several prestigious UK food and drink competitions. His specialties are beer, wine, spirits, and the low/no-alcohol sector. He’s particularly interested in food and drink pairings and global gastronomic culture. His website is and you can find him on social media @robthefoodie (Twitter and Instagram) and WriteTaste (Facebook).