3 Tips for Packing Jewelry

Your vacation memories and experiences may be priceless, but the jewelry you bring along most certainly has a tangible value. Packing jewelry is a vital part of going on any trip, yet too many people aren’t taking the necessary precautions to ensure their earrings, necklaces, watches and more make it from Point A to Point B in one piece.

Packing Jewelry

You’ll lose jewelry when it’s loose in your suitcase

You obviously want to look and feel your best when on vacation, and that starts with your jewelry, watches, and other ornaments. There are several steps you can take when packing and preparing for the trip to keep your valuable jewelry from harm’s way. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned on our adventures!

The Jewelry Box

Those who are serious about their jewelry probably have a jewelry box at home where they store their collection. A travel jewelry box offers similar safe storage, but in a smaller package. Like your box at home, travel cases for jewelry feature unique padded compartments and slots for a variety of jewelry styles. A slim design helps add room in your suitcase for everything else you want to bring home from the trip.

The Jewelry Scroll

For moments when bringing the whole jewelry box is simply unnecessary, a jewelry roll is the next best option. A jewelry roll is a fabulous organization tool that’s easy to use and fits just about anywhere. The rolled design helps prevent your pieces from tangling with one another during transit and makes bringing enough jewelry for all your outfits a breeze.

The Weekly Pill Box

An outside the box way of keeping your jewelry in great shape during travel is to use a weekly medication reminder box. Made so you can keep track of your daily vitamins and medications, a pill box is easily packed and features individual compartments so nothing will tangle.

Along the same lines as a pill box, some resourceful travels keep their jewelry in empty candy or mint tins. The small metal boxes fit anywhere and offer great protection for fragile pieces. If you’re trying to keep necklaces from tangling, try putting the chain through a plastic straw so it can’t intertwine with the others. You can also affix your earrings to a notecard to keep them all in one place. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the jewelry you bring so you don’t leave anything behind.