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Windstar Flagship Gets New Set of Sails

Wind Surf Hoists New Sheets

Cruise News – Nov. 2, 2017

Windstar Cruises’ flagship, the 310-guest Wind Surf, one of the largest motor sail yachts in the world, recently received crisp new sails, nearly half a football field worth of sturdy Dacron sailcloth measuring 21,570 square feet.

Sailmakers work on Wind Surf's sailsThe five new sails were designed and handcrafted in France by a world-class team of maritime designers and artisans at Incidence Sails, the largest commercial sailmaker in France and premier designers in the off-shore racing and Super Yacht sectors. The manufacturing was done on the floors of the sailmaker’s spacious facilities in Brest and La Rochelle, France, over several months, delivering the sails in two installments.

Spread across Wind Surf’s five towering masts, the new sails make up more than a half-acre of triangular beauty. The ship’s sails unfurl daily, soaring 221 feet to the sky, harnessing the power of the wind to propel the ship into hundreds of different ports around the world.

Wind Surf's sails cover more than a half-acre.“Our guests really appreciate the romance of sailing and the evening Sail-Away is a time-honored event for guests and crew alike, a time to celebrate an amazing day of discovery while anticipating new adventures on the horizon,” said Windstar president John Delaney. “The moment you hear and feel the sails snap at the power of the wind — this experience is unmatched in travel.”

Commenting on the intricate and unusual operation of installing each of the giant sails, Wind Surf’s Captain Pedro Pinto stated, “We needed to check the forecast for the perfect conditions to have just a light breeze, the crew already has a good knowledge of the process and with each sail it gets easier with experience. The guests and crew love to see the new sails!”

The crisp couture sails are replaced approximately every five years for Windstar’s iconic 617-foot-long sailing vessel. Windstar will repurpose the replaced sails by having them made into bags that guests may purchase in the onboard gift shops aboard its fleet of six ships.

Check out the dramatic time-lapse video of the making of the new sails.

Photos: Windstar Cruises

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