What is a ‘Soft Adventure’ Cruise?

Adventuring cruising is a popular vacation genre these days, but many think that an expedition cruise means giving up the comforts and amenities found on modern cruise vacations. While there are adventure cruise lines that place expedition over comfort, thankfully there are cruises out there which take the best of both worlds. Passengers enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a traditional cruise vacation mixed with the option to explore at your own pace. 

Cruise & Maritime Voyages is one cruise line leading the way in what’s known as ‘soft adventure’ cruising and their passengers are finding it makes for a fantastic vacation. The Treasures of the Sea of Cortez, Cruise & Maritime Voyages most popular soft adventure cruise itinerary along Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the outstanding flora and fauna of the region while enjoying all the comfort and service on board MS Astoria. It’s a blend of cruising styles you have to experience for yourself! 

Why Book a Soft Adventure Cruise?

What makes cruising such a wonderful vacation is all the ways you can customize your vacation. Soft adventure itineraries capitalize on that customization to provide an experience tailored for everyone’s needs. 

The Treasures of the Sea of Cortez itinerary is a perfect example of being able to cruise at your own pace. Some love to spend the day in a deck chair with a great book and plenty of delicious bites to nibble on. Others prefer to hike the hills of Loreto, Mexico and see early human cave paintings thousands of years old. Soft adventure means the option to do both on the same trip. 

Soft Adventure Shore Excursions

Much of what makes a traditional adventure cruise so strenuous is the immersive shore excursions. Soft adventure offers options to get out and explore, but in a much more tame and accommodating way. Treasures of the Sea of Cortez offers a number of fun and unique shore excursions including: 

  • Exploring Puerto Penasco’s El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve before heading off on an ATV trip through the desert. 
  • Catch a tan on the beach in Topolobampo then explore the home of Mexican folk hero El Zorro in the town of El Fuerte. 
  • Ride horses on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas or snorkel through the schools of tropical fish and coral reefs.
  • Watch the whales of Santa Rosalia breach the waves on their annual pilgrimage to their breeding grounds. 

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula teems with life of all shapes and sizes both on land and in the water. Adventure-based shore excursions allow passengers to get closer to that life for an experience they’ll never forget.

Life on Board MS Astoria

Life on board a cruise ship means ditching your watch and letting life slow down. MS Astoria, Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ soft adventure vessel, is equipped with everything cruisers need to slip into vacation mode. Olissipo, the onboard restaurant, offers elegant dining with a menu full of fresh seafood and classic Italian favorites. A live band performs nightly in the Show Lounge and there’s a full gym on board for early risers. A salon, a casino and a pool are all popular spots on board and prove that just because the ship is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s light on amenities and fun! 

Soft Adventure Cruise

MS Astoria

Soft adventure cruises are exploding in popularity among cruisers who want to experience the best of both comfort and expedition. Ships like MS Astoria and the crew at Cruise & Maritime Voyages get passengers closer to nature while still offering the style and amenities cruisers have come to expect when they embark on a cruise vacation. An adults only ship, MS Astoria has a unique boutique feel but with big adventure waiting in every new port. Vacation at your own pace and give soft adventure cruising a try!