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Tips for Packing for Comfort

For those of us who aren’t the backpacker/mountaineer type, the hardest part of travel is doing without the comforts of home. Luckily, though, there are some designers (what the backpacker type would call “outfitters”) who specialize in items that make anywhere in the world feel as comfortable as your own bedroom. Here’s what we’d pack for maximum comfort on our adventures. 

Patra: Pure Silk Thermals

We’re not saying you should wear these on the outside, but in some cases you could. Beyond looks, they’re ultra-light, supremely comfortable, and yet have the ability to keep your body warm even on the frostiest of nights. Patra’s silk thermals come in women’s and men’s designs in a variety of different styles. 

Sonicare: 9900 Prestige

Traveling with a familiar electric toothbrush can make any stateroom seem a touch more homey, but the latest model from Sonicare can make it seem downright indulgent. The 9900 Prestige has a computer brain that senses your brushing style and adapts as you brush, automatically exerting just enough pressure to care for your gums while efficiently leaving your pearly whites clean, fresh, and healthy. If that’s not enough, the sensors also connect to an app that gives advice on on pressure, motion, position, duration and frequency of brushing, and even tracks your progress by day, week, month, and year. 


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