Bacardi Rum

The Holiday Spirit Starts with BACARDÍ

Rum isn’t one size fits all. It comes in a variety of colors, flavors and profiles which make it a far more unique spirit than most realize. Made from sugar cane, rum is versatile and unique and can be added to a wide variety of drinks and recipes to add a little bit of tropical flare to the holiday season. Which rums are right for which drinks? What’s the best bottle to buy as a gift for that special someone? BACARDÍ makes a full lineup of classic and specialty rums and each has its own unique flavor profile to enjoy. Check out our complete buying guide for BACARDÍ rum below to help cruisers get the most out of their cocktail hour! 

What is Rum?

Let’s start with a quick refresher on how rum is made and what makes BACARDÍ the top name in the rum making industry. Rum is what you get when you ferment and distill the juice from a sugarcane plant. Much like any spirit, the process for making rum is an exact science with specific steps and processes which must be followed. 

BACARDÍ has been making rum for more than 150 years and their varieties are world-renowned for their quality and smoothness. It took Don Facundo Bacardi more than a decade to perfect BACARDÍ Superior, but we’re really glad he did! 

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Which BACARDÍ Rum is the Best?

When it comes to rum, not all distilleries are created equal. Located in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, Casa BACARDÍ is where all of the company’s rum varieties come to fruition. There are dozens of rum varieties dreamed up and produced by Casa BACARDÍ, so how do you know which one is the best? Let’s take a look at some of the varieties and see how they’re best used! 

Bacardi Rum

BACARDÍ Superior – This classic rum is one of the most recognizable spirits on Earth. Its recognizable white label and red BACARDÍ emblem stands out among the rest and makes it one of the most popular varieties BACARDÍ makes. This is the BACARDÍ rum you want for a classic rum & coke or a minty mojito. 

BACARDÍ Gold – The hint of gold color comes from a longer distilling process than BACARDÍ Superior and that also offers a more mellow sipping experience. Notes of vanilla and caramel give BACARDÍ Gold a delightful smell and mouthfeel and the rum is versatile enough to be mixed or enjoyed on its own. 

BACARDÍ Black – Distilling rum in heavily-charred oak barrels delivers a pitch-black colored rum known as BACARDÍ Black. This rum is sweeter and offers a smokey molasses finish on the palate. Try mixing it with ginger beer for a classic BACARDÍ cocktail called a Tormenta Negra. 

BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho – One of the oldest private rum blends ever made needs to be on your gift list this year. BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho takes eight years to fully mature, but it is well worth the wait. Patience yields a distinct rum with unmatched smoothness and notes of apricot and nutmeg. You don’t mix this rum with cola, you sip it on the rocks with simple syrup, bitters and an orange twist for a tropical take on an Old Fashioned. 

While those rums are available all year-round, BACARDÍ does offer seasonal varieties which are perfect for a holiday gathering with friends and family. BACARDÍ Coquito, or Little Coconut, is a traditional holiday drink in Puerto Rico and it’s now available anywhere BACARDÍ is sold.

The coconut cream liqueur is made from authentic BACARDÍ Superior with added notes of cinnamon and vanilla and makes a fantastic holiday gift for someone special! You can sip it over ice, pour it over ice cream, use it in a cake or mix a splash in your coffee, the possibilities are endless. 

Which BACARDÍ rum is your favorite? Explore the range and let us know!