Summertime Calls For Swedish Luxury Fashion

Summertime in Sweden calls for pleasantly warm temperatures and the urge to peel off layers of clothing depending on the UV Index. Even though the heat can verge on the unbearable during the summer (it is the Land of the Midnight Sun, after all), residents and visitors alike love this time of year to deck out in Swedish luxury fashion staples.

With minimalistic, timeless designs, the latest Swedish fashion trends are simple to follow. Seek out clothing inspired by well-known designers such as Filippa K, J. Lindeberg, Acne Studios, and ARKET. High-quality pieces with sustainable materials have a universal appeal.

While outfitting for a summer in Sweden, many favor neutral color palettes such as beige, black, white, and gray. These colors complement Sweden’s understated elegance and can be used year-round thanks to the country’s versatile and timeless designs. Swedish designers often modernize their fashion choices by incorporating bold colors and prints into their collections.

Whether you are a fan of neutrals or want to be daring with color, there is something for everyone to try.

Simple summertime outfits consist of:

  • something black to set the foundation
  • lightweight layers, such as Merino wool (highly recommended due to less
    frequent washing)
  • comfortable closed-toed shoes which complement the simplicity of the wardrobe.

Besides wool, many designers utilize silk, cashmere, and leather to create durable pieces that will build a timeless wardrobe for anyone. Many Swedish designers focus on creating eco-friendly pieces with materials such as organic cotton or recycled fibers.  Seeing how thoughtful fashion designers can provide aesthetic and comfort for the everyday shopper is truly remarkable.

Dressing for the weather in Sweden means preparing for the unpredictable. Consider bringing an umbrella and a day pack to ensure you are ready to enjoy your summer days in Sweden, whether rain or shine.

Sweden has so much natural beauty, from the landscapes to the local people who have been inspired by such an elegant environment. The country’s luxury fashion features simple and fun patterns such as stripes, checks, and polka dots. Swedish designers sometimes incorporate more intricate patterns into their collections, such as floral prints or abstract designs, depending on the season or collection. The assortment of prints and neutrals reflect the country’s cultural values of simplicity, sustainability, and elegance — principles that can make any outfit a great choice for summer in Sweden.

There is a difference between “fashionable” and “faddish” here. Many Swedish people value quality over quantity and prefer investing in timeless pieces you can…

By Julie Rosner


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Julie Bouchner is the Digital Editorial Manager for Porthole Cruise and Travel. She has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Syracuse University. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, baking, and playing with her Siberian Husky named Ellie.