SeaDreamin’ on a Friday Afternoon

The stars were twinkling in the sky last night as we climbed under the covers of a Balinese daybed for a night outdoors aboard the 112-passenger Sea Dream Ianchored off St. Kitts.

Talk about romantic – we had light, fluffy bedding and a private view of the sky.

My partner and I were charmed by the moment … until suddenly the stars disappeared, it poured buckets straight through our bedding, and we retreated back to our cabin.

Still, the experience fits in the category of “heavenly” as does most of what happens aboard SeaDream I (and sister ship SeaDream II).

If luxury is defined as pampering, SeaDream Yacht Club fits the bill.

There are nearly as many crewmembers on board as passengers, and the crew is extraordinarily friendly and fun in its interactions. Place your own napkin on your own lap and a smiling waiter may give you a “tsk tsk,” because he wanted to help you do it. Try to bring your own plate back from the buffet and you may be convivially chastised, as in “Why are you doing that yourself?”

Accompanying the expert service is amazing cuisine. While there are always vegan options on the menus, do not come aboard this ship looking to lose weight. If the Peking duck and quality beef fillets don’t get you, the scrumptious desserts and cheeses will.

There is a gym where you can work off calories, and a spa staffed by six. This is a crowd who likes their massages.

A late-night disco around the pool is entertaining, but the real action comes via a retractable marina. Guests can borrow Hobie cats, banana boats, water skis, kayaks, and Sunfish sailboats, or just dive right from the ship into the sea for a swim.

There are no cabins with balconies – most cabins are 195-square-feet – but you won’t miss them. There is plenty of opportunity to be outdoors as open deck space abounds. With an abundance of cushy loungers at the pool and in shaded areas, you’ll never feel crowded.

Guests, mostly couples age 40 and above, hail from around the world and quickly meld into the low-key, yacht-like environment. So putting together a table for a dinner party is part of the fun.

Couples looking for alone time will find that too with options that include private outdoor dining and sleeping.

The world is your oyster. There’s no doubt about that aboard SeaDream.