Sea Cloud Cruises Will Head to Venice This Summer

Sea Cloud Cruises will be setting a course for the historic center of Venice this summer. According to Sea Cloud Cruises, their windjammers are some of the only ships still permitted by the Italian government to dock in the heart of the lagoon city.

The cruise company has planned a number of visits to Venice, where guests will have a view of the “unique old town from the waterside.” Sea Cloud Cruises’ tall ships are some of the only ones that can sail the Giudecca Canal in front of St. Mark’s Square.

Cities Worldwide are Regulating Mass Tourism from the Sea. 

Dubrovnik was the first city to limit cruise ships. Today, the Croatian port city allows two large cruise ships per day. Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca have adopted similar policies. In the Caribbean, Bonaire will admit one ship with a maximum of 700 passengers daily from mid-April.

According to Sea Cloud Cruises, they are “committed to the principles of soft tourism,” and their “philosophy includes respectfully treating the people, their culture, and nature in the regions it visits.” 

Sea Cloud Cruises was one of the few cruise companies to help Venice after the city flooded in 2019.

Will you visit Venice on the Sea Cloud this summer?

By Niko Balkaran