Scenic Reveals Sailings Aboard Scenic Eclipse and Scenic Eclipse II

Booking for the 2024-2025 sailing season is now open for Scenic Group’s latest offering, Scenic Eclipse II, the sister ship to Scenic Eclipse! Guests looking to explore hidden treasures worldwide and visit over 500 ports across 63 countries and all seven continents, keep reading!


  • Expeditions to the Islands of the Kimberley in Western Australia, the Indonesian Archipelago (including the Spice Islands and Komodo Island), New Zealand, and Fiji, as well as calls on Japan and South Korea.
  • Scenic Eclipse II will embark on her first-ever journey to Antarctica in December 2023, traveling along the continent’s east coast and the Weddell Sea.
  • Scenic Eclipse will take passengers to explore the Antarctic Peninsula and venture below the Antarctic Circle.

Australia and New Zealand

  • In the 11-day Discover the Kimberley Coastline trip, guests explore an untamed region where land meets the sea and witness stunning natural occurrences such as the Montgomery Reef and the Horizontal Falls. Guided bush walks by the onboard Discovery Team provide wildlife sightings and knowledge of Australia’s evolutionary history. Fares start at $11,895.
  • The 12-day Along the East Coast of Australia trip starts in Auckland and concludes in Cairns, with stops at various islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Activities like kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and snorkeling await guests on white-sanded beaches lined with palm trees, and onboard water toys are also available. Fares start at $10,645.
  • Pure New Zealand: North & South Island is a 13-day trip that covers the country’s culture, environment, and wine. Fares start at $11,145. New Zealand In Depth, an 18-day trip, covers more and has fares from $14,995.

The Pacific Islands

  • The 15-day Secrets of Indonesia: Spice Islands & Raja Ampat sailing trip departs from Darwin and explores the Spice Islands, known for their nutmeg, mace, pepper, and clove. It also visits the pristine and biodiverse reefs of Raja Ampat. Fares start at $14,295.
  • The 13-day Treasures of the Pacific: The Yasawas to New Zealand voyage offers a taste of the South Pacific and New Zealand. Guests can explore the islands, cultures, and flavors of Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and New Zealand. Fares start at $11,545, and guests can also engage in kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and submarine rides.

Wonders of Asia

  • The 17-day Circumnavigation of Japan: Cultures & Traditions voyage highlights Japan’s flavors, people, and sights. Guests can witness the sophisticated urban vibe of Tokyo, Kanazawa’s historic districts, the countryside’s temples, and parks, and experience the nation’s rich culture of festivals, including Cherry Blossom, Takayama Spring, Hiroshima’s Flower, Kanda, and Sannō festivals. Fares start from $21,295.
  • The 17-day Natural Treasures of Indonesia, Borneo & Taiwan voyage displays the region’s diversity, traveling from dense modern cities to uninhabited islands and natural experiences. Guests can swim with stingless jellyfish, see dragons on Komodo Island, or visit Sepilok Rehabilitation Center to witness rescued orangutans. Fares start at $16,145.


  • Embark on Scenic Eclipse II for 24 days, and relish the opportunity to immerse oneself in the majesty of Antarctica on Antarctica’s Ross Sea: Majestic Ice & Wildlife adventure. Guests can watch for whales with the Discovery Team, fly over glaciers and snow-capped mountains in the onboard helicopters, explore the icy depths on a submarine expedition, and enjoy onboard pampering and indulgences, all at fares starting at $29,945.
  • Embark on the 13-day Beyond the Antarctic Circle voyage with Scenic Eclipse, departing from Argentina. Guests will traverse the Drake Passage, explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, and cross the elusive Antarctic Circle at 66˚ 33′ south. Daily excursions on kayak, paddleboard, and zodiac offer land and sea exploration, while the ship’s helicopters and submarines provide unique experiences. Fares start at $17,245.


Passengers who make reservations for any of the recently unveiled 2024-2025 voyages are eligible for a two-for-one fare rate and complimentary roundtrip airfare. Booking multiple consecutive cruises and arranging for solo or group travel can also result in discounts. The prices quoted below are per individual on double occupancy and reflect the two-for-one fare.

To learn more about these and other itineraries for both Scenic Eclipse and Scenic Eclipse II, head to the Scenic website! 

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