Exquisite Escape: See Italian & French Riviera with Atlas Ocean Voyages

Atlas Ocean Voyages, the laid-back luxury-adventure line, takes guests on captivating journeys — but few are quite as entrancing as the French and Italian Rivieras. Now, you can follow along with Bill Panoff, producer and host of the renowned Cruise and Travel With Bill Panoff YouTube channel, as he unveils the treasures of these iconic coastlines aboard the line’s luxurious World Navigator.

The trip begins in the charming city of Nice, France, where Panoff navigates open-air markets teeming with vibrant herbs and sun-ripened tomatoes, visits the iconic Opera House, and delves into the rich history of the Nicolas Alziari shop, a purveyor of fine olive oils since 1868. Indulgence takes the form of delectable chocolates at La Maison Henri Auer Confiserie, a must-visit spot for those with a refined taste for the bittersweet.

But part of the pleasure is the ship itself. Panoff reveals what puts World Navigator in a class of its own. From the splendid pool deck and spacious lounges to masterfully designed staterooms adorned with L’Occitane amenities, every corner of the ship exudes a relaxed opulence. Aboard World Navigator, the boutique beckons with unique treasures, while the world-class pa offers respite and relaxation. Dining becomes an epicurean adventure with international flavors served in the fresh sea air.

As World Navigator sails to Cannes, a billion-dollar view unfolds, and Panoff delves into the town’s rich history, telling the story of some of the landmarks among the city’s traditional red-barreled clay roofs and pastel-colored houses. Nearby, the medieval village of Saint Paul De Vence is steeped in artistic heritage behind its forbidding stone wall. The village’s creative legacy once attracted actors, writers, and artists.

In Monte Carlo, Panoff finds grandeur in the form of the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo,  the majestic Port Hercule, and to the Palais Du Prince, where the Grimaldi family rules. Once night descends, dazzling fireworks celebrate Prince Rainier’s centenary. 

The voyage then takes Panoff to the Ligurian Sea and the Italian Riviera, taking in the breathtaking views from the top of Castello Brown in Portofino, the coastal caves and ancient streets of Portovenere, and the quaint colors of the five villages of Cinque Terre unfolding against the backdrop of the sea. 

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Reporter, mystic, musician, and beekeeper, Grant Balfour has published work in outlets as diverse as Kung Fu Magazine, Biscayne Times, the Australian poetry journal Cordite, and the Weekly World News. His second-favorite beaches include Richard’s Bay, South Africa; Sanur, Bali; Los Mochis, Mexico; the northern bank of the Elbe in Hamburg; and the one five minutes from his home in Florida. His favorite beach is the one between his ears.