Princess Cruises Wins 15 Wine Spectator Awards

Princess Cruises’ dining rooms across its fleet of 15 ships have won an Award of Excellence in Wine Spectators’ 2023 Restaurant awards! Princess Cruises was awarded this honor due to the brand’s wine lists that are paired well with the brand’s culinary experience.

Princess Cruises’ wine list includes more than 250 labels, each varietal and from a wine-growing region. The Princess Cruises’ beverage team has curated its wine program to center on exploration, discovery, and enrichment. 

“Receiving this highly regarded recognition from Wine Spectator once again reaffirms our commitment to curate a collection of wines that encompass noteworthy, exceptional and familiar varietals to explore,” said Sami Kohen, Vice President of food and beverages for Princess Cruises.


Wine Spectators’ awards have three levels: Award of Excellence, Best of Award of Excellence, and Grand Award. In 2023, 2,001 restaurants received the Award of Excellence, given to restaurants with a 90 or more wine selection. 

The cruise line’s wine menu is available in the main dining rooms of Princess Cruises’ vessels, the cruise lines’ various prices and descriptions allow for guests to expand their palette with different wines from New Zealand, Argentina, Italy, and China. 

About The Caymus Vineyards Winemaker Dinner

Princess Cruises has celebrated women winemakers with biodynamic, organic, vegan, and sustainable wines. The cruise line recently collaborated with Caymus Vineyard to offer a one-of-a-kind Caymus Vineyards Winemaker Dinner. 

The dinner, available for $140 a person and 12 guests per seating, offers a five-course menu crafted by Chuck Wagner, owner and winemaker of Napa Valley’s Caymus Vineyards. The menu features tasting notes on wines for guests and is offered 2-3 times per voyage. 

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