Enchanted Princess

Princess Cruises Offers First Gelato Experience At Sea

Summer just got a whole lot sweeter! On June 23, 2022, Princess Cruises’ announced that they will be the first cruise line to offer a gelato experience at sea on three of their ships. This summer, set sail on Discovery Princess, Sky Princess, and Enchanted Princess to experience this famous Italian dessert.

Princess Cruises gelato shops were awarded the Ospitalità Italiana award, a designation issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce committee that confirms that every step of the gelato-making process meets or exceeds a strict standard. Only gelato shops with this award receive the certification.

“The ‘Ospitalità Italiana’ is a tremendous extension of our Italian heritage and gives us the opportunity to immerse our guests into the unique Italian culture found throughout Italy in our very own piazza,” said John Padgett, Princess Cruises president.

Gelato Options on Princess Cruises

The gelato is made in-house daily, with a variety of flavors for guests to taste. Try the gelato with liqueur, fresh fruits, or toppings like Nutella for a fun twist to your summer treat.

Will you be sailing on one of the three Princess Cruises this season to experience handcrafted gelato at sea?

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