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More Cruise Lines are Making the Vaccine Booster Mandatory

More cruise lines are changing their vaccine policy to include booster shots and they’re most likely paving the way for the rest of the industry to follow suit. COVID booster shots are all the rage these days as the CDC has announced them an effective way to retain protection against the COVID-19 virus. 

Cruise lines like Silversea, Azamara, Oceania and more have updated their protocols to require the COVID-19 booster shot for guests who are eligible starting on March 1st, or in one case, as early as this week. 

Vaccine Requirement Changes at Azamara:

Vaccine Requirement Changes at Silversea:


Vaccine Requirement Changes at Oceania:

Fellow traveler and friend of the magazine Gary Bembridge noted a change to Oceania Cruises’ protocols for his upcoming cruise departing from Panama. As of this Friday, everyone cruising with Oceania would need “3 (three) doses, with the exception of Janssen from Johnson & Johnson, for which the application of 2 (two) doses is considered complete”. 

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Booster be Mandatory on All Cruises?

When the COVID-19 first became available, some lines jumped out ahead of the pack when it came to requiring them on board. Eventually, however, all cruise lines came to the conclusion that vaccine requirements were in the best interest of guest health and safety. 

Will cruise lines be quicker to adopt a mandatory booster protocol than they were the initial shots? We would expect so and sooner rather than later.

Have you gotten your booster yet? Let us know in the comments.