Like a Local: Vancouver

Like a Local: Vancouver

The Great More-Than-Just-White North

By Joni McKervey

Growing up in Vancouver meant that, rather than appreciate the city for its unparalleled beauty, I daydreamed of flying away to someplace different. When I began traveling I made a startling discovery: no matter where I went, coming home was always a highlight. My hometown is nearly impossible to beat (sorry, Paris).

Bordered on the north, west, and south by oceans and rivers, and tucked beneath the southern slopes of the North Shore Mountains, the city is heaven on earth for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, who boast that they can go from surf to snow in under an hour. (For the record, that’s wind surfing they’re talking about.) But Vancouver is much more than just a pretty nature face — you’ll find world-class culture, fashion, food, and music in every corner of the city.

Tourist Tips

The coast of British Columbia is a temperate rainforest, so come prepared for weather. Apart from a few precious weeks at the height of summer, it would be ill-advised to venture out without some kind of jacket. Though you can be assured of bright, sunny days here and there from autumn through spring, the weather changes quickly and rain gear of any sort, even just an umbrella, is a must.

Granville Island is visited daily by swarms of locals and tourists alike, attracted by the urban island’s galleries, theaters, harbor-side restaurants, and fresh-food markets. Skip the street route and travel across False Creek in an adorable, rainbow colored, dinghy-sized Aquabus ferry….

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