Holland America Line Brings Fresh Fish Program To Sea

Holland America Line is elevating their dining experience by unveiling a new Fresh Fish Program that extends beyond the plate! This groundbreaking project sources 80 varieties of fresh fish from a global network of 60 ports, ensuring that guests at all of their restaurants can enjoy seafood that was caught less than 48 hours prior.

Guests can savor local specialties and destination-specific menus made from ingredients native to the regions visited, bringing the story of each itinerary to life through the cuisine!

“We know fresh fish is part of our guests’ daily lifestyle, and when they come on board, we are excited to expand their options beyond what they have access to at home,” said Gus Antorcha, president, Holland America Line. “The ability to source and prepare so many types of fish globally is a testament to our outstanding culinary team. From yellowtail snapper in the Caribbean to barramundi in Australia, the variety of fresh fish we offer is unrivaled in the cruise industry.”


  • The program offers daily fresh fish specials and an upcoming expansion of the “Savor My Catch” activity, where guests can catch their fish and have it prepared by chefs onboard.
  • Holland America Line has enlisted the expertise of Chef Masaharu Morimoto, a world-renowned culinary figure who will serve as the “Fresh Fish Ambassador.”
  • Chef Morimoto will apply his distinct style to create curated dishes served in the Dining Rooms this fall and a new pop-up restaurant available on all ships by early 2024.
  • All seafood dishes, including those crafted by Chef Morimoto, will be part of the global fresh fish program, ensuring guests savor the freshest and highest quality seafood available.

“Embarking on this type of culinary journey at sea is a first for me, and I am excited to bring my passion for fresh fish and fresh ingredients onto Holland America Line’s fleet,” said Chef Morimoto. “I chose to partner with Holland America Line because we share a commitment and passion for fresh and regionally inspired foods, and you will see that come to life in the special dishes and pop-up experience we’ve created together.”


Starting this week, Chef Morimoto is creating new dishes for the main Dining Room menus on the cruise line, which will be available fleetwide for an additional cost by October. The newly-added dishes, such as “Fresh Black Cod Yuzu,” “Morimoto Epice Lobster Tails,” and “Fresh Halibut,” are just a few of the many mouth-watering options that guests can enjoy on their voyage.


  • Starting in November, Holland America Line will feature an immersive dining experience for its guests with the exclusive pop-up restaurant “Morimoto by Sea,” available on every ship in the fleet.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options will be available for guests with dietary requests.
  • For a cover charge of $55 per person, this culinary experience will be a must-try for every food enthusiast onboard.

Chef Morimoto Dining Room Dishes (examples starting in late September with the remainder of the fleet rollout in October):

  • Fresh Black Cod Yuzu with yogurt miso pickle vegetables, kimchi eggplant, fried rice, and garlic soy.
  • Morimoto Epice Lobster Tails with lemon foam, seasonal vegetables, and Morimoto Epice.
  • Fresh Halibut XO with Asian vegetables, dried shrimp, and scallop XO sauce.

Sample Menu Items


  • Sushi Plate: (Vegetarian can be requested.) Nigiri with salmon, hamachi, hotate, maki with ebi tempura, Dungeness California, salmon shikai maki.
  • Morimoto Fresh Tuna Pizza: Anchovy aioli, kalamata olive, red onion, jalapeno.
  • Tempura Calamari Salad: (Can be served without calamari on request.) Quinoa two ways, white miso dressing.
  • Pork Gyoza Dumpling: Ginger-scallion sauce.
  • Tori Paitan Ramen Noodles Soup: Soy egg, bamboo shoot, hot creamy broth poured at the table.


Main Courses

  • Crispy Fried Whole Market Fresh Fish: Sweet, spicy chili sauce, pickle vegetables.
  • Ishiyaki Buri Bop: Fresh Pacific yellowtail on rice, cooked at the tableside in a hot stone bowl.
  • Shrimp Three Way “Morimoto Style:” Tempura, panko, are-age, tartar, tonkatsu and gochujang sauce.
  • Angry Lobster Pad Thai: Maine lobster, rice noodles, Thai red curry sauce.
  • Broiled Beef Tenderloin steak: Japanese-style mushroom sauce.
  • Jidori Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Oyster Yakitori: Shichimi togarashi.
  • Japanese Vegetables Curry: Tofu steak, seasonal vegetables.

Side Dishes

  • House fried rice, steamed rice, or brown rice.
  • Wasabi mashed potato.
  • Wok seared bok choy.
  • Basket steamed vegetables.


  • Dark Chocolate Sphere: Ganache, marshmallow, milk, hot chocolate sauce.
  • Tofu Cheesecake: Mango passion, pineapple salsa.
  • White Chocolate Lime Ganache: Coconut foam, mango sorbet, rice pudding.
  • Sorbet and Ice cream or Trio: Chef’s seasonal selection.

Alcoholic Beverages (by bottle & glass):

  • Morimoto Brut Rosé.
  • Morimoto Grgich Hills Chardonnay.
  • Morimoto Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Sake Junmai Morimoto.
  • Sake Junmai Ginjo Morimoto.
  • Sake Junmai Daiginjo Morimoto.
  • Sake Sparkling Nigori.

“We are excited to have his refined skills and celebrate his culinary style on board,” said Michael Stendebach, vice president of food and beverage at Holland America Line. “Chef Morimoto brings his mastery and excellence to Holland America Line and is a great partner to bring this port-to-plate program to life.”

Julie Bouchner is the Digital Editorial Manager for Porthole Cruise and Travel. She has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Syracuse University. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, baking, and playing with her Siberian Husky named Ellie.