Royal Caribbean International

Here’s How to Sign Up for a Test Cruise

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted the no-sail order last month, you could probably hear the collective cheer from the cruise industry from outer space. However, the CDC didn’t open up cruising for a free-for-all. Instead, they’ve instituted a tiered approach to a return that involves several important phases. One of those phases is test-cruising prior to opening up bookings to the general public. 

Cruise lines have already started asking for volunteers to participate in the test cruises including Royal Caribbean International, who created a handy sign-up website for cruisers who want to be part of the trials. 

Volunteer of the Seas 

Test cruises are nothing new in the industry, though these will be a little different from the ones which happen on brand new ships prior to passengers setting foot on board. Rather than testing that the staterooms are all working properly or the restaurant staff know their way around the kitchen, these trial cruises are testing the details of the CDC’s new order

The reason why simulated cruises are necessary is because the CDC wants cruise lines to prove they can adhere to all aspects of the conditional sail order prior to allowing the general public on board. There is a laundry list of conditions cruise lines must follow, including accurate testing for everyone prior to boarding, social distancing enforced on board, and an ability to follow enhanced cleaning procedures. The goal is to also help train the crew on board so they can assist passengers on the proper health and safety protocols. 

Royal Caribbean created an online signup form for cruisers interested in participating in the trial runs which they tweeted about this morning. 


You can follow THIS LINK to sign up you or your family for one of the test cruises. Participants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible.