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HAL Adds New America’s Test Kitchen Programs

Where do you fall on the master chef spectrum? Some of us can whip up 3 course meals in our sleep, others end up burning cereal. One of the most interesting shifts in cruising is the number of cruise lines adding some sort of cooking instruction program to their daily or nightly activities.

Holland America Line has five new cooking demonstration programs coming to their ships in 2019. The programs will use the replica America’s Test Kitchen venues to offer 45 minute presentations which include a mixture of live and video recipe demonstrations.

America’s Test Kitchen

The five new cooking shows are hosted by Holland America Line chefs trained by America’s Test Kitchen culinary team and, like the TV shows, feature vetted recipes with practical tips on everything from how to select fresh fruits and vegetables to how to use kitchen knives safely and efficiently.

America's Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen teamed with Holland America Line to offer cooking instruction at sea

Holland America Line President Orlando Ashford explained why the cruise line has food at the forefront.

“Holland America Line guests are knowledge seekers, foodies and learners, and our America’s Test Kitchen shows really resonate with them — which is why they’re wildly popular and draw standing-room-only crowds,” he said. “We’re excited to expand on the already exceptional menu of shows offered by America’s Test Kitchen to include some fun topics that easily transition to the home kitchen.

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Check out the full list of new cooking programs below:

Sweet and Fruity Desserts: The naturally sweet, tart flavors of apples and raspberries take center stage in two knockout desserts: apple crisp and cheese blintzes with raspberry sauce.

Dinner Classics for Two: Learn our secrets for perfect chicken marsala, rice pilaf and warm chocolate fudge cakes to make an elegant meal for two.

Mediterranean Medley: This easy weeknight meal is an assortment of dishes from countries along the Mediterranean, including restaurant-style hummus and tender lamb meatballs with couscous and yogurt sauce.

Serious Tacos: Elevate your tacos with two new recipes: shredded chicken tacos braised in a deeply flavored sauce of chilies, tomatoes and spices; and easy (and crispy) shrimp tacos.

Make Your Own Takeout: Forget about ordering takeout favorites like pad Thai and scallion pancakes. Learn how to make your own authentic versions at home with test kitchen tips.