Greece Unveiled: Sail Away With Windstar Cruises

Traveling to Greece can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the optimal way to explore this remarkable country is undoubtedly by small ship. Embarking on a journey aboard a Windstar yacht offers an unparalleled experience, from the decadent cuisine to the extraordinary excursions. The 5-masted Wind Surf stands out among the fleet, which also includes Wind Spirit and Star Legend. On all ships in the fleet, guests can expect top-notch service aboard a windship or an all-suite yacht with Windstar.

Here’s why you should consider sailing to Greece with Windstar Cruises!

Unmatched Destinations

Traveling through Greece by small vessel lets you bypass hassles such as booking ferries between islands, securing accommodations on remote isles, and planning itineraries to renowned landmarks. On Windstar, guests can leave all worries behind upon boarding and simply relax while the crew personalizes to their travel style.

Windstar experiences are unique, venturing to lesser-known locations like Patmos, Itea (Delphi), and Monemvasia — destinations often overlooked by larger cruise lines in their itineraries. But guests can also anticipate sailing to world-famous sites like Mykonos and Athens, exploring the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon and enjoying the azure beaches and picturesque harbors. Windstar also visits the blue-domed beauty of Santorini, the charming and romantic seaside town of Nafplio, and much more.

Monemvasia | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Because Windstar ships are smaller than conventional cruise liners, they can navigate through the incredibly narrow Corinth Canal — a 4-mile-long, 70-feet-wide waterway where the Gulf of Corinth intersects with the Saronic Gulf — a feat impossible for larger ships. This is a passage that guests will remember for a lifetime!

Corinth Canal | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Unique Experiences

One of the most thrilling experiences awaiting guests is the unique Destination Discovery Event, “Evening in Ephesus,” exclusively for Windstar passengers on select Greek voyages. As the sun dips below the skyline and stars emerge over the majestic ruins, guests can relish a five-course white-glove dinner showcasing local cuisine, serenaded by the Aegean Chamber Orchestra.

Ephesus Event | Photo: Windstar Cruises

This itinerary encompasses nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, offering visits to millennia-old landmarks. Beyond Greece’s picturesque beaches and delicious food, this journey is steeped in history, providing guests with enduring memories and insights into ancient civilizations. One standout World Heritage Site is Saint John’s Cave of the Apocalypse in Patmos, believed to be where Saint John wrote and dictated both his gospel and the Book of Revelation. This sacred site boasts small churches, monastic cells, and 2,000 years of history. 

Another noteworthy landmark is the Palamidi Castle, situated in the coastal town of Nafplio overlooking the Argolic Gulf. Constructed by the Venetians, this fortress treats visitors to breathtaking views and a stunning chapel atop its 999 steps. A must-see, it stands as one of the Venetians’ greatest architectural triumphs.

Nafplion Greece | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Finally, guests are strongly encouraged to explore Monemvasia Castle, renowned as one of the world’s most beautiful. Built in 583 during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Mauricius, this site boasts well-preserved medieval churches, a picturesque town reminiscent of a storybook, and dramatic cliff sides. Often referred to as “the Gibraltar of Greece”, this castle-town witnessed numerous battles, the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and served as a primary port for wine shipments.

Monemvasia | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Why Windstar Cruises Does It Best

Watersports | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Not only are Windstar Cruises’ vessels absolutely stunning, but the service is unparalleled. With a staff-to-guest ratio of 1:1.5, passengers are treated to the epitome of luxury. If guests aren’t too exhausted from soaking in the beauty and rich history of Greece, a wealth of onboard engagement options await on board. This cruise line offers destination lectures, onboard barbecues, cooking demonstrations, crew talent shows, local entertainment, a Watersports Platform, and much more.

For those seeking relaxation after a day spent under the Greecian sun, Windstar provides world-class spa treatments, yoga sessions, and 24-hour room service. As guests retire to their stateroom for the evening to recharge for another day of adventure, they can expect Egyptian-cotton linens, plush robes, and L’Occitane toiletries.

Windstar Cruise Tours, pre- and post-cruise tours allow guests to extend their vacation without the hassle of planning. The line meticulously crafts the ideal land itinerary, handling everything from flights to ground transportation to memorable excursions, all as stress-free and luxurious as possible. For further details on pre- and post-cruise experiences, visit their website.

If you’re contemplating a trip to Greece, sailing with Windstar Cruises promises a journey with unparalleled exploration and an intimate yacht ambience, complemented by outstanding cuisine crafted by celebrity chefs as the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation. The Greek itineraries are among the most sought-after and tend to fill up quickly. To reserve your Greek isles adventure with Windstar Cruises, visit their website.

By Danielle Morris