goop Deck: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wellness Brand Sets Sail

No one needs an actual excuse to push the reset button on personal well-being. Lifestyle brand goop, the brainchild program of celebrity Mediterranean , is joining Celebrity Apex for a Mediterranean cruise with the spotlight trained on the inspirational aspects of the brand’s viral popularity, supplemented by the innumerable benefits of cruising.

What began as a weekly newsletter in 2008 has quickly grown into a multifaceted community of devotees, touching on the cultural, physical, and mental aspects of life as well as nutritional and personal well-being topics. Addressing the body, mind, and spirit, the retreat-like escape (officially called goop at Sea) will include seminars, meditation sessions, bonus gifts, and amenities. For instance, Paltrow and goop Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen will share their passion and visions for the company’s ever-evolving journey in keynote presentations, while additional sessions will focus on the power of your mind and harnessing that power for a positive outlook, all while workout classes will tap into the physical potential of the body. A well-known spiritual guru will conduct a soul session, linking the physical, mental, and emotional components of life.

In addition to the private goop events, guests are encouraged to take advantage of the privileged benefits offered by The Spa on Celebrity Apex. This inner sanctum of pampering is a multi-dimensional destination for physical rejuvenation, catered by trained technicians providing a milieu for numerous treatments. The design aesthetic of The Spa is stunning, with a brilliant white marble stairway and lobby, a giant amethyst crystal centerpiece with natural healing energy, and beautiful stone walls, all implying the benefits of earth’s natural elements.

By Jordan Abby

Photos: Celebrity Cruises | Rachel Murray : STRINGER : Getty IMAGES

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