Five Faves: How to Preserve and Share Your Cruise Memories

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Five Fave Ways to Preserve and Share Your Cruise Memories

If you agree with the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then you know that documenting and preserving those captured moments are important. Looking at pictures brings back that wave of emotion and takes you back to a certain moment.

Most people just snap photos or take video of their cabin, sunsets, or fun excursions. However, when taking pictures, be creative with your shots and angles. Take close-ups, wide shots, and don’t forget detail. Take shots of your feet in the sand, food, cocktails, and people. Think like a photojournalist.

Collecting things and jotting down memories are also a great way to create diversity in your mementos, from maps to key cards, seashells, menus, and foreign currency. If you are the kind of person who likes collecting cruise keepsakes, here are five ways you can cherish and share your memories for years to come.


Scrapbooking is an extremely fun way to show off your creativity and the cool places you’ve been. Print out the photos you want to use, and then decide on a theme or a way you would like to organize each page. Buying the right scrapbook and accessories to complement your photos is important. Take time to plan it out! Use custom paper, stickers, glitter, and stamps from your local craft store to make those pages stand out. The best part about scrapbooking is that you can continue to add pages and mementos such as ticket stubs or postcards to visually populate each page. There are plenty of websites such as Pinterest or Etsy to help you think of clever ideas if you get stuck. Let your creativity flow!



Another way to share your travel adventures is by creating a slideshow. You can use PowerPoint, iPhoto, or websites such as Kizoa to arrange your photos with music and effects. Another good thing about slideshows or video is that you can record your voice and narrate your cruise in your own words. Slideshows are fun to create and watch. If you want to shuffle your photos around and reminisce about different aspects of your trip, slideshows are a perfect way to do so. Simply sit back at your computer or television and watch your montages come to life.



Photo Book

If you’re not so crafty and prefer a more tangible form of your memories, create a virtual photo album online and then turn it into a bound photo book. Sites such as Shutterfly, Picasa, and Snapfish use templates, themed pages, and layouts to create your album. If you want to do some editing to your photos, these websites allow you to crop, get rid of red-eye, and other basic editing functions. Put the finishing touches on your album by adding captions to relay just how amazing your trip was.




If you’ve accumulated an endless amount of travel photos and don’t see your experiences fading away anytime soon, consider starting a travel blog to keep friends and family up to date with your latest adventures. Starting a blog involves time and effort, but there are many easy-to-use sites to choose from. I suggest creating a free WordPress blog with a catchy name. Stand out and write about something you’re passionate about. Blog about food, destinations, or experiences you’ve had around the world. The sky is the limit. Words are powerful, so make the most out of your blog by filling it with relevant stories and photos that offer insight into travel.




Turn your favorite vacation photos into artwork by getting photos stretched onto a canvas or placed in shadow boxes to display around your house. Seeing your favorite photo come to life will make you smile and will provide a constant reminder of your journeys. Learn to do it yourself online or go to a professional to create one for you. No matter what you do, you memories will not sail away.


— Stephanie Meadows


What will you do to preserve and share your cruise photos? Comment below and craft away!


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