Silver Endeavour


Silversea Cruises has named Felicity Aston MBE the Godmother of their newest and most luxurious vessel, Silver Endeavour!

An honored polar explorer, television presenter, author, and climate scientist, Felicity Aston is the first woman to ski solo across Antarctica in 2012. Aston is also the first person to travel across the continent with just her muscle power. She has been awarded the Polar Medal and has been appointed MBE for services to exploration. A historical well-kept tradition, a ship’s Godmother bestows a blessing on the ship for safe travels during the official naming ceremony. Aston will take part in Silver Endeavour’s intimate naming ceremony, taking place in Antarctica a few days before the vessel’s inaugural voyage on November 21, 2022.

“I am honoured to have been selected as the Godmother of Silver Endeavour – a beautiful ship that will introduce countless travelers to the magnificent allure of the Polar Regions,” says Felicity Aston. “With each of my expeditions, I am driven to push boundaries, to explore new frontiers, and to experience the planet’s most spectacular places. Guests traveling aboard Silversea’s newest ship will exercise these same ambitions with the charting of each course, the launching of every Zodiac, and the arrival in each destination. She is a vehicle for discovery in every sense of the term and I am excited to sail to the Polar Regions in such comfort.”

Felicity Aston | Photo: Silversea Cruises


Over the past 20 years, Aston has challenged herself to take on some of the most dangerous expeditions in the world’s most drastic environments. She has been the leader of several revolutionary expeditions, including the first British women’s team to cross the Greenland ice sheet. Aston has broken records with her all-woman teams on ski expeditions in both the North and South Poles. Her longest expedition took place in Antarctica, where she spent 39 months at the Rather Research Station in 2000. During her time there, Aston was tracking climate change and the ozone layer as a meteorologist for the British Antarctic Survey. She is now located at the National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom investigating airborne microplastic pollution on polar sea ice and reimagining scientific understanding altogether. Aston will continue her leadership of the B.I.G (Before It’s Gone) North Pole expedition, a project focused on collecting material for some crucial Arctic Ocean sea ice research in 2023. She has published 5 books about her adventures and extreme expeditions, co-presented 2 BBC documentaries, and has been published by Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, and National Geographic. Aston is also an elected member of the Society of Women Geographers, as well as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London and The Explorers Club in New York.  

“We are delighted to welcome Felicity Aston to the Silversea family as Godmother of Silver Endeavour,” said Roberto Martinoli, President and CEO, Silversea Cruises. “A leading authority in the field of polar exploration, Felicity is the perfect ambassador for our cruise line. She shares the unwavering senses of curiosity and adventure that unite all Silversea guests. In becoming the first woman to cross Antarctica alone, as well as the first person to traverse the continent purely by muscle power, Felicity demonstrated exceptional commitment, resilience, and passion, embodying a true spirit of discovery. Her explorations are more than a test of physical stamina; they are a test of oneself. They will be a source of great inspiration for travellers as they set forth on their journey to Polar Regions and beyond with Silversea.”

About Silver Endeavour

Silversea’s Silver Endeavour was designed for polar exploration and constructed to fit PC6 polar class specifications. The vessel carries ultramodern amenities, featuring kayaks, advanced navigation & exploration technology, and a remote gimbal camera system, which can capture high-quality images from 5km away. Silver Endeavour also features Silversea’s stamp of comfortability and has a crew-to-guest ratio of approximately 1:1. The brand-new vessel also features the cruise line’s well-known luxurious accommodations, including butler service for each suite and spacious accommodations for guests on all expeditions.