Tried & True: Johnny Jet Travel Tips

Tried and True

Travel expert Johnny Jet answers your most common questions.

Traveling 150,000 miles a year, it’s no wonder Johnny Jet knows a thing or two about the subject. From money-saving tips to how to get an upgrade, he’s constantly asked travel-related questions from both first-time and experienced travelers. So in each issue, we’re bringing you answers to your most frequently asked questions in order to make your next trip even smoother.

What’s the best way to stay connected while traveling without breaking the budget?
When I used to travel internationally, I would carry an unlocked phone and swap out the SIM card in each country. Then, in 2014, T-Mobile rocked the cellular industry when they introduced free international data and text messaging in more than 120 countries. So these days, I just use my regular phone to stay connected.
The data speeds can be slow, but I’m still able to arrange for an Uber, upload photos to Facebook, and, most importantly, send and receive texts and emails. T-Mobile charges 20 cents per minute in the countries in their plan, which is a bargain compared to others, but I keep my calls short. When I want to make longer calls, I get on free Wi-Fi and use Skype from my phone, tablet, or laptop.
Recently, T-Mobile even made their carrier stronger for international travelers when they introduced a “Mobile without Borders” plan. This extends coverage and calling across all of North America, which means if you travel to Canada or Mexico, you can treat your phone as you would at home.
Cruise Tip: No matter which carrier you have, be sure to turn your mobile device off or put it in airplane mode while on an ocean cruise. Last summer, I forgot this one night while traveling from Barcelona to a small port in France, and I woke up to text messages reading, “Welcome to Iceland” and then “Welcome to France.” When I returned home I saw that I had accrued more than $380 in roaming fees without even using my phone. So don’t make the same mistake I did. Turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode as soon as you leave port to prevent this from happening.

What’s the best way to deal with jet lag?
The best way to combat jetlag is by getting yourself on local time (where you’ll be traveling) as soon as possible. I usually….

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