Ecoventura to Offer Photography-Themed Galapagos Cruises This Fall

Expedition cruise company Ecoventura has great news for photographers of all ability levels! 

The cruise line is embarking on photography-themed cruises this October and November and they’re bringing Galapagos Naturalist Guide and National Geographic certified photo instructor Antonio Adrian along to assist guests with their photography throughout the cruise. 

During back to back sailings in October and November 2021, Adrian will host Ecoventura’s themed photography itineraries and teach guests the basics of photography and how to best capture their vacation behind the lens. He will also help guests understand the complexities of modern cameras as well as skills like composition and framing which go a long way in making a photo better.  


Photo: Yolanda Escobar/Ecoventura

“Recording experiences from a once in a lifetime trip to this archipelago is fundamental to almost every passenger who travels with Ecoventura,” said Santiago Dunn, CEO of Ecoventura. “Our themed departures enhance and enrich the guest experience, usually in the Fall as an added perk for travelers to visit this time of year which is considered off season in the Galapagos — although the weather is beautiful and wildlife is thriving with nesting bird species and baby sea lions all around.”

Ecoventura’s two identical ships, named Origin and Theory after Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Origin of Species, operate two unique itineraries departing every Sunday morning with a maximum of 20 guests on board each ship. The cruise line combines educational excursions with a touch of boutique luxury for a vacation with both adventure or relaxation available at any time. 


Ecoventura Theory Cabin | Photo: Ecoventura

Excursion leaders bring guests hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and animal-watching for an up close and personal adventure in this incredible archipelago that’s been tucked away from humanity for all these years. Undisturbed flora and fauna are everywhere and you’ll see plenty of sea turtles, sea lions and the famous blue-footed boobies waddling about on your journey. 

According to Galapagos Naturalist Guide Cecibel Guerrero, the island is flourishing with life of all kinds. 

“There is currently such an abundance of wildlife in the islands. In the last weeks I have seen large numbers of penguins, flamingos, bony fish, sharks and dolphins – by the hundreds! These animals were always here, but perhaps further out in their habitats where humans have no access — but because of our absence for almost a year, they have come back to the areas we visit. I have never seen anything like this before. The abundance is exuberant.”

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