Cruising 101: Exclusive Interview with Life Well Cruised

CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine, Bill Panoff, hosted a Youtube Live stream with Ilana of Life Well Cruised, a Youtube channel where she discusses all things cruising and travel. The two discussed helpful cruise tips, tricks, and offered advice for first time cruisers.

Panoff opened up the conversation by asking Ilana what tips she finds to be the most helpful to people that are thinking of booking for the first time. 

“To me, the very best tip is pay really special attention to the cruise line and the cruise ship that you choose,” said Ilana. “I think having the right match for what you want out of a vacation and what you expect is really the most important.” 

Ilana pointed out that price is secondary when one is planning a trip. When passengers find a cruise line that they really like, they can start to look at dates for when they want to travel to their destination as well as cabins that they are looking to potentially stay in.

When packing for a cruise, Ilana suggested using packing cubes to store clothing and other belongings. She also said travelers should think really hard about what they should wear on a cruise depending on the weather and what items they can rewear.

In addition to packing, Ilana made suggestions for finding the best excursions while cruising. She said researching the vacation spot is helpful by going to the cruise line website and then starting to look at blog posts and reviews of that destination.

Ilana touched on what one should do if they purchase a package with a cruise line and they are unsure of the fact that if they upgrade, will they lose certain amenities while aboard the ship.

Before signing off, Panoff and Ilana answered questions regarding their favorite cruises and their take on the best cruise options for anniversaries. 

“It was a great pleasure doing this today, we will have to do more of these [live streams],” said Panoff. “What a turnout! We appreciate everybody for tuning in, it was phenomenal.” 

What was your favorite moment in the live stream? Let us know in the comments. 

By Nick Pallotto 

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