Cruise Exec Spotlight: Christine Duffy

Diligent Dynamo

How Christine Duffy went from hard-working travel agent to cruise industry ambassador.

 By Jodi Ornstein

After talking with Christine Duffy for about 37 seconds, you might think you’ve reunited with your long-lost BFF from sleepaway camp. Her wide smile, friendly demeanor, and apparent approachability make anyone feel at ease. But make no mistake. This 5’1” powerhouse packs a punch and carries with her huge responsibilities.

As president of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry trade association comprised of 26 cruise lines and more than 35,000 travel agents, Duffy oversees everything from regulatory and technical issues to promoting the industry to travel agent training.

“For example, we represent the industry at the International Maritime Organization, which is part of the United Nations,” says Duffy, “and also play a big role in working with governments and ports, as well as training and certifying travel agents so that they can be knowledgeable about what’s happening in the cruise industry such as new ships, trends, itineraries, and features on board ships.”

Duffy’s primary role is to work directly with CLIA’s CEO memberswho are members of the board of directors. She runs executive committee meetings, manages the board and its priorities, and then makes sure that the strategies and policies that are set by the board are implemented. But it’s not all meetings and managing for Duffy.

“I spend a lot of time traveling and attending all sorts of different conferences, she says. For example, Duffy participates…


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