AIDA Cruises Introduces New Culinary Experience

AIDA Cruises is expanding its restaurant variety with its new vegan restaurant Soulkitchen starting June 24, 2023! Guests aboard AIDAnova, AIDAperla and AIDAprima can enjoy sustainable foods. 

Patrons will be able to witness the cooking process of their foods before their very eyes. AIDA Cruises ensures that the plant-based selection of foods will not only be diverse and sustainable, but filled with new and exciting flavors. 


“We are proud to create another trendy offering with Soulkitchen and are also responding to the increased demand from our guests,” said Rene Thiersch, Senior Manager of Culinary Operation at AIDA Cruises. “With our modern and sustainable concept, we not only want to promote healthy eating, but also create a special experience.” 

What Guests Can See and Enjoy

Guests will not only have the opportunity to watch their food being prepared but they can also learn to make the food themselves in Soulkitchens’ seminars. In Soulkitchen seminars, guests can sample various oils, herbs and spices.  

AIDA Cruises Culinary Highlights

In 2022, AIDA Cruises looked towards more vegan options for travelers, the cruise line had expanded menus in its restaurants to include more vegan options such as plant-based burgers, vegan starters, main courses and desserts.

In March 2023, the Market restaurant onboard AIDAcosma, AIDAperla, AIDAprima and AIDAnova vessels added another 15 vegan dishes to choose from at its buffet. 

Will you be sailing aboard the AIDAcosma, AIDAperla or AIDAprima and trying Soulkitchen? Let us know in the comments.