5 Foods You Have to Try in the Bahamas

Going to the Bahamas has more benefits than you can count. Everyone loves the culture, non-stop sunlight, beautiful beaches, excursions, and food. This destination is known for having delicious spicy foods and exotic fruits. When you go to the Bahamas you won’t want to miss out on the following dishes:

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1. Bahamian Macaroni and Cheese

Yes, please! Who doesn’t love a cheesy dish of macaroni? Guess what? People love it down in the Bahamas too. This dish makes American macaroni seem like a bore. Cooks pack this dish with bell peppers, spices, jalapeños, and goat pepper. All of these spices give this traditional dish a kick. Most Bahamian dishes have a certain degree of hot flavors to go right along with the temperature (be sure to drink water with this mac n’ cheese).

2. Peas ‘n’ Rice

You’ve probably never considered pairing these two side dishes together to create an amazing side. Well, in the Bahamas they’ve done it – using pigeon peas, an African veggie that’s a little more like a lentil than the sugar-snap peas you’ll find in the States. Peas ‘n’ Rice is a super colorful dish packed with flavor. You may find that they’ve added bacon or pork into the mix, and you can bet that they’ve added tons of spices and other fresh veggies. Tomato, corn, and onion make this dish a favorite among veggie lovers.

3. Johnny Cakes

What’s a Johnny cake you ask? It’s a delicious fluffy cake similar to cornbread in the States. Everything in the Bahamas is tastes better and this cake is no different. Added sugar, butter, milk, and flour create the perfect fluffy treat. This side dish can be eaten alone as a snack or with curries and stews. If you come across a spicy gumbo while traveling this will add the perfect balance to balance out some of that spicy flavor.

Johnny Cakes actually resemble pancakes in their structure and can be used as a breakfast food as well. The cornmeal base makes this pancake hardy and thick.

4. Conch Salad


Try the Conch Salad

You won’t find this salad in the states. Conch salad can only be found in the Caribbean. Whenever you’re in the Bahamas you probably look for your favorite seafood dish. Be sure to put this one on the list. This yummy take on ceviche includes raw conch that’s been “cooked” by marinating in lime juice, along with spices, green peppers, red peppers, tomato, and cucumber. Like any salad, this dish is filled with wonderful veggies. The lime-marinated conch will bring just a mild sea taste which is perfect for those who are unsure about raw seafood.

5. Souse

This traditional dish is hardy, spicy stew. You can expect a mouth full of lime juice, peppers, bay leaves, corn, carrots, oxtails, pork and maybe even pigs feet. Potatoes and celery are used to finish this dish off and it may feature multiple choices of meat. Sure this isn’t what the average American is expecting but don’t let that scare you off. This dish is popular for good reason. All of the flavors come together for a delicious yet savory dish.