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TRAVEL TIPS: Rappel, Climb, Swim and Zip-line in San Juan

You COULD spend a few hours walking around historic Old San Juan…or you could step outside of your comfort zone and climb, rappel, swim, jump and zip-line through caves below the earth’s surface. With Aventuras Tierra Adentro you’ll explore Angeles’ Cave, which is truly a once in a lifetime adventure since they’re the only company with access to it. Taking on this challenging excursion will be a physically demanding adrenaline rush as you scramble over boulders in the dark and learn to climb and safety clip yourself.
Puerto Rico is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, full of natural wonders. The Rio Camuy Cave systems remain largely unexplored, and therefore epically more exciting for a traveler desiring a completely unique experience. It is one of the world’s largest cave networks, and conveniently only an hour and 20 minutes from San Juan. Rio Camuy also contains the third largest subterranean river in the world and the ecosystem within it has been conserved since its formation millions of years ago.
Aventuras Tierra Adentro may give you an off the beaten path experience, but it’s not totally unknown. National Geographic described their cave tour as a “journey of a lifetime”. From the moment your guides pick you up, they’ll energetically entertain you by sharing local knowledge and cracking jokes. Once on site, you’ll start the day with a short hike followed by the exhilarating first zip-line. Next, rappel down from the lush forest into the mysterious world below. Once in Angeles’ Cave, the adventure truly begins and the next few hours will be a fully active, educational adrenaline rush! Don’t be afraid to get dirty climbing rocks and sliding through mud. You’ll “clean” yourself off swimming through the underground river and crossing waterfalls. At one point, your guides will push you out of your comfort zone (literally)…and into the dark, and the water! More swimming and more climbing will bring you to your lunch break which is truly breathtaking (you’ll have to see it for yourself). The final leg of your trip may even include a mud race to the cave entrance. Once you hike out, you’ll have the opportunity for a well earned shower and snack before your bus ride back to San Juan.
This excursion is truly not your run of the mill tourist activity, but imagine the enduring memories and bragging rights after completing this amazing adventure towards the center of the Earth!
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