Travel Tips: Is This the Most Stressful Place in the World?

Of course there’s a delay in Omaha. 

Overhead bin space sparked a brawl in economy so they couldn’t take off, the man waiting next to you at the gate explains. Add a few more hours to your wait at the most stressful place on the planet, an airport.

When did airports develop into high stress environments where societal norms for acceptable behavior are completely abandoned? When did the crowds get so big? When did the plane seats get so small? Why won’t that child be quiet?

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So many questions accompany those traveling by air these days but never fear, we’re here with a few helpful travel tips for navigating airports and the stress which comes with them!

Get There Early

It may seem like a no-duh thing, but you’d be surprised at how many people add unnecessary stress to their trip by leaving themselves a tight window to make it through security and onto the plane. Look, we get it, sitting and waiting at the airport isn’t any fun at all. You know what’s even less fun? Missing your flight. Showing up 90 minutes prior to a domestic flight and several hours for international is the best policy for reducing your stress on departure day.

Getting to the airport early means even a gigantic security line won’t register a blip on your stress-meter. Head over to the bar for a pre-flight drink or grab a seat and enjoy an hour or two of people watching. It’s okay to laugh at those sprinting through the airport, thankfully you planned ahead!

If getting there early isn’t your style, T.S.A. Pre-Check is an extra expense, but does cut down security wait times to 5 minutes or less in most occasions. Keep your shoes on and your laptop in your bag for a truly hassle-free airport security screening process.


A stress-free airline passenger | Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Fears Magnified

Crying children, rude passengers, barking service animals and more can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare airport experience. It’s bad enough that the idea of sitting in a chair 30,000 feet off the ground has you nervous as it is. Fear of flying isn’t something we like to admit and many require some liquid courage to even set foot on a plane.

For many, a fear of flying stems from the lack of control over the situation. Breathing exercises and other techniques found in meditation and yoga can be a lifesaver for someone who’s feeling a little anxious about taking to the skies.

If you’re stressed about a fear of flying, learning the facts while you’re sitting in the airport can help. More than 2 million people fly on a daily basis without incident, meaning you’re far safer in a plane than you are driving your car on the highway.