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$100 Million in Fleet Upgrades for Oceania Cruises

When the slogan is “Your World. Your Way.”, it’s easy to see why Oceania Cruises places such an emphasis on a personalized luxury cruise experience. A recently announced initiative set forth by the cruise line aims at enhancing and upgrading the overall guest experience. OceaniaNEXT is a significant overhaul of nearly every facet of the guest experience, including $100 million in upgrades to four ships operated by the cruise line. 

What is OceaniaNEXT?

Oceania Cruises takes the guest experience very seriously. The new OceaniaNEXT initiative is a move to make Oceania Cruise ships more modern and guest friendly for the future of small ship cruising. Four Oceania ships, Regatta, Insignia, Sirena, and Nautica, will receive significant upgrades to the interior including common areas, stateroom designs and restaurants.

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Oceania Cruises President and CEO Bob Binder explained why the time was right to upgrade the ships and other aspects of the cruise experience.

“OceaniaNEXT will be the most extensive and comprehensive suite of product and guest service enhancements that we have ever undertaken,” he said. “Our Regatta-Class ships are like second homes to our loyal guests and travel partners. They don’t build ships like these anymore, which is why this re-inspiration project is such an important milestone in our company’s 15-year history. We are maintaining the intimate surroundings and personal attention that our guests love, while at the same time setting a new standard of style and elegance for small ship cruising. We have opened a new chapter, innovating in every way as we look to the future and the way our guests want to travel. We can’t wait for our ‘new’ ships to launch.”

Luxury Key in Redesign Process

From Oceania Cruises description of the $100 million in upgrades, it’s clear the focus is on creating the ultimate luxury cruise experience. From the company press release:

Oceania Cruises

The Grand Staircase | Photo: Oceania Cruises

“Effortless style in an elegant atmosphere will be the defining characteristics of the Reception Hall and Upper Hall.  A sparkling new Grand Staircase framed by intricate railings and balustrades inset with crystal accents will welcome guests onboard. Overhead, a crowning grand chandelier adorned with hanging pieces of smoked and hand-painted glass will set the space aglow.”

Renovations to the stateroom bathrooms are also set to include marble, granite and onyx features with new lighting and more space.

Oceania Cruises worked closely with Studio DADO, a Miami-based design and concept studio specializing in luxury residential and hospitality design, on the creative aspect of the project.

“The moment we stepped onboard, we were impressed by the ambiance and attention to detail,” said Yohandel Ruiz, founding partner of Studio DADO. “The guests we spoke with kept telling us how dearly they loved the ships, so it was important that we kept the intimacy and warmth in the redesign. What we landed on provides a modern and airy atmosphere, similar to what you would find in an elegant estate home.”