Tahitian Treasures: A Windstar Cruise Experience

The Society Islands, the largest islands in French Polynesia, boast picturesque landscapes, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant local culture. Embarking on a cruise to Tahiti promises a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, especially when you choose Windstar Cruises, renowned experts in Tahitian travel for 36 years. Windstar Cruises delivers an unmatched experience, featuring locally-led excursions, world-class entertainment, and spacious accommodations starting from at least 277 square feet. For further insights into Tahiti’s beauty and what awaits you during your visit, please keep reading!

Community Engagement 

The Tahitian community is renowned worldwide for its hospitality, tranquility, and deep connection with nature. Windstar Cruises further strengthens its ties with Tahiti’s community by providing locally-led shore excursions, such as leisurely walks through vibrant rainforests, dives into turquoise lagoons, and the opportunity to greet dolphins in their natural habitat.

Tattoos hold immense significance in the local community and encompass Tahitian culture as a whole. For over 2,000 years, Tahitians have embraced Polynesian tattoo traditions, initially employing combs crafted from bone and shark teeth. Those intrigued by the rich history of Polynesian tattooing can delve deeper by booking an excursion to attend a talk led by a Tattoo Master. These discussions explore the cultural importance of tattoos, the techniques involved, and the symbolic meaning behind various designs.

Destination Discovery Event | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Tahitian dancing, known as ‘Ori Tahiti, is intricately woven into the island’s culture. ‘Ori Tahiti embodies various meanings, ranging from expressions of love for the ocean to acts of worship or even challenges to adversaries. Guests have the opportunity to witness this captivating dance through at Windstar’s complimentary Destination Discover event in Bora Bora or even participate in dance lessons with their onboard Polynesian cultural ambassador. 

Environmentally Conscious

Coral Reef Bora Bora | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises is committed to advocating for sustainability, understanding the beauty and the crucial importance of the ocean. This cruise line takes significant steps to ensure that cruise vacations align with sustainability principles. Windstar Cruises partners with Coral Gardeners, a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean protection and coral reef restoration, to allow guests to contribute to this cause. Guests can adopt a piece of coral by making small donations or even plant their own, which will be nurtured and planted into the ocean, aiding in the preservation and health of coral reefs in Tahiti.

Local Flavor

Poisson Cru | Photo: Tahiti Tourisme

Exploring local cuisine is undeniably one of the best aspects of traveling! A significant advantage of booking a sailing with Windstar Cruises is the immersive culinary experience it offers. This cruise line brings a selection of Tahitian favorites for guests to savor onboard. Tahitian cuisine blends French and Polynesian influences, featuring delicacies such as roast pork, fish poulet fafa (chicken with spinach and coconut milk), fe’i bananas (plantains), and taro root. For the adventurous palate, the national dish of Polynesia, Poisson Cru, awaits — raw fish marinated in fermented sea water.

Immerse yourself in Tahitian culinary delights on the stunning island of Moorea. Embark on a foodie tour to savor local cuisine and experience the thrill of swimming with rays and sharks. Click here to learn more. 

Immersive Cultural Experiences 

Destination Discovery Event | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Ensuring guests are immersed in a variety of cultural experiences is paramount for Windstar Cruises. Lessons with the Mamas and Papas, local entertainers, offer a unique opportunity where local Tahitians come aboard to impart their beautiful culture. Guests can partake in parea tying, lei making, traditional Tahitian dancing, and other cultural activities. Another exceptional opportunity is Windstar’s Destination Discovery event. Cruisers are whisked away by catamaran to a private island for an oceanside dinner infused with local flavor, music, fire dancing, and other captivating entertainment. 

Why Take a Cruise to Tahiti? 

A Motu in French Polynesia | Photo: Windstar Cruises

Embarking on a Windstar Cruises voyage takes your vacation experience to unparalleled heights, especially aboard the Star Breeze, where newly reimagined small ship suites epitomize excellence. What truly sets this cruise line apart is its intimate and lavish ambiance as every room onboard is a suite. With a maximum capacity of 312 guests, the attentive staff ensures you have the journey of a lifetime. Luxury and adventure seamlessly intertwine when you opt to sail on this yacht, offering breathtaking ocean vistas from nearly every corner onboard. The Star Breeze features an infinity pool, a rejuvenating spa, two new dining venues, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. As of February 2024, Papeete, the iconic capital of French Polynesia, serves as the Star Breeze’s homeport where she’ll sail year-round with convenient nearly weekly departures, the most frequent of any cruise line. This vessel also includes itineraries to the beautiful Marquesas Islands, islands that are so remote it’s hard to get to on your own. 

Tahiti stands as one of the most idyllic vacation destinations. Sailing with Windstar Cruises offers guests top-tier service and entertainment, all while immersing them in the remarkable culture of French Polynesia. Whether guests opt for a more adventurous vacation, swimming with manta rays, or a leisurely one, strolling through the rainforest, a trip to Tahiti promises memories that you and your companions will cherish for a lifetime. For information about Tahiti and Windstar Cruises, please visit their website here. 

By Danielle Morris